3 Ways Laser Tattoo Removal Training Has Helped Clients Live Better Lives

laser tattoo removal training
The effects of laser tattoo removal are more than skin deep. As an industry, it caters to thousands of clients each year, safely and effectively removing their unwanted ink. For many of these clients, the biggest change brought on by tattoo removal happens within. By helping clients to remove unwanted tattoos, laser technicians can help clients make peace with their pasts, and achieve the version of themselves they’re most comfortable sharing with the world. As tattoo removal technology has evolved and advanced in recent years, notable Canadian tattoo removal technicians have made the news for doing such meaningful work in their communities. If you’re interested in training to become a laser tattoo removal technician, read on to learn just how your career calling can help clients live better.

1. Tattoo Removal Helps Former Inmates & Gang Members Launch New Lives

Jason Durling, owner of tattoo removal clinic Vindicated Images, has dedicated his career to helping former gang members and ex-convicts distance themselves from the mistakes of their pasts. Instead of being marked for life with specific tattoos (often on the face, neck, and hands) that advertise their crimes to their communities, these clients can live free from violent affiliations with just a few sessions under the laser. “A lot of these tattoos are handmade or homemade, done in prison, and they come out really easy. They’re the easiest tattoos to remove,” Jason says. He thinks experts with laser tattoo removal training can make a real difference in both practical and symbolic ways. Along with helping ex-cons feel free to pursue life as a clean slate, removing these tattoos can drastically improve their chances of securing employment and getting back on their feet. “Kids don’t need gang tattoos on them that can easily make their rehabilitation and turning their life around very challenging. People don’t want that reminder or that stigma,” he explains. “By being able to get rid of those tattoos for them, we’re able to actually help them find better jobs.”

2. Pros with Laser Tattoo Removal Training Help Clients Find Professional Success

It’s not just former offenders who can expand their job prospects with the help of laser tattoo removal. Even though the laser tattoo removal industry has grown in tandem with the popularity of tattoos in general, tattoos still aren’t welcome in certain workplaces. From police officers to military recruits to bankers, technician Ben Alway of Second Skin Tattoo Removal says he’s treated them all. He started his business to help people succeed despite the tattoos that were holding them back.
Laser tattoo removal training in progress at IBI

Laser tattoo removal training in progress at IBI

“Getting rid of that mark, that stain on your life, it’s a game changer,” he explains. In laser tattoo removal courses, you’ll learn how to use and understand the science behind the latest laser tattoo removal technology. With your help, clients from any walk of life will be able to get a fresh start.

3. Laser Tattoo Removal Training Grads Can Help Clients Put Exes Behind Them

On a more personal note, one of the most popular reasons clients pursue laser tattoo removal is to erase evidence of painful past relationships. For one young woman Ben treated, her tattoo was a permanent reminder of the abusive boyfriend who forced her to let his friend give her a ‘stick-and-poke’ tattoo—an amateur form of tattooing which uses a sewing needle and ink from a pen. Under Ben’s expertly-trained hand, she was able to separate herself from the unwanted marks on her skin. “She needed to start her life over, and this tattoo is kind of a hindrance to healing,” Ben explained. His advice for those considering this path? “I’ve always tried to do what I can to give back and I’ve found that this is a really great way. It’s a huge blessing for myself to be able to see that I am making a difference in someone’s life.”

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A very interesting and valuable experience. I learnt a lot and my Instructor was always ready to answer my questions. By the end of my course and clinical internship, I had a lot of experience and I liked how it enabled me to interact with all kinds of clients through the practical work.
Sandra – Medical Aesthetics Diploma Graduate
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