4 Must-Have Items for Your Kit After Special FX Makeup Courses

After Special FX Makeup Courses, Get Fake Blood for Your Kit
If you want to make a career creating fake gory cuts, bruises, and lacerations, or transforming people into something or someone completely different, special FX makeup training could be the perfect fit for you. Through hands-on training, students learn to create a range of special FX makeup looks including theatre makeup, old age makeup, and monster makeup. Makeup professionals may find themselves working on movie sets, alongside theatre stages, or creating shock-worthy looks for photo shoots. One thing is for sure, if you choose to pursue a career in special FX makeup, you will never be bored. To create their startling looks, special FX makeup artists use a wide range of supplies, makeup, and tools. Read on to discover what you need to get your kit off to a great start!

1. After Special FX Makeup Courses, Add Liquid Latex in Your Kit

Liquid latex should be a staple in your makeup kit after you complete your special FX makeup courses. Artists use liquid latex to create the illusion of wounds. When the latex is applied to the skin it becomes sticky and malleable, allowing you to mold it and create the look of burnt or damaged skin. Liquid latex is extremely versatile. It can be used to create bullet holes, scars, cuts, lacerations, and even burns, which is why it’s so popular among FX makeup artists.
IBI students use liquid latex to create gruesome wounds

IBI students use liquid latex to create gruesome wounds

2. After Special FX Makeup Courses, Get Fake Blood for Your Kit

When you picture special FX makeup, it’s likely that images of blood and gore come to mind. This is why professionals who have attended schools for special effects makeup recommend always keeping a healthy supply of blood on hand. There’s no need to get squeamish, though. Thankfully, the blood isn’t real. But with the right skills and product, it certainly will look it! Professionals recommend having at least two types of fake blood in your kit: a mouth blood which is liquidy and thin, and a thick blood. They are used in different situations to create different looks. For example, mouth blood can be used to create the appearance of blood oozing from a model’s mouth, while thick blood can be used to create the look of congealed dried blood around wounds.
An IBI student uses fake blood to create this creepy vampire look

An IBI student uses fake blood to create this creepy vampire look

3. After Special FX Makeup Courses, Get the Proper Application Tools

While it might sound strange, many of the staple tools used by special FX makeup professionals can be found right in your bathroom. In fact, professionals recommend having plenty of Q-tips, cotton swabs, and cotton balls ready to apply, blend, and texture product. However, it’s also good to add a few professional-grade brushes and sculpting tools to your kit, which will allow you to create realistic texturized looks once you become a special FX makeup artist.

4. After Special FX Makeup Courses, Don’t Forget to Add Good Makeup Remover to Your Kit

Because of all the oils, adhesives, and long-wear products involved in creating the perfect look, special FX makeup can be extremely hard on your model’s skin. As a result, it’s best to always remember to keep high quality makeup remover, cleansers, and wipes on hand when you’re completing a job. Not only will this help you clean up any mistakes, but it can also help you switch more quickly in between looks if necessary. Are you interested in achieving your special effects makeup certificate in Hamilton? Contact International Beauty Institute today to learn how!

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