5 Important Facts Those in Laser Tattoo Removal Courses Can’t Ignore

laser tech training It’s no secret that laser tattoo removal is taking off in a big way. From Heidi Klum to 50 Cent, people from diverse walks of life and a wide range of skin types are choosing to kick tattoo mistakes to the curb with the help of today’s pro laser technicians. Curious about what it takes to help people erase unwanted body art? Laser tattoo removal might be the perfect career path for you. The right courses can help you carve out a place of your own in the rapidly expanding aesthetic laser industry. If this appeals to you, read on for 5 facts today’s laser tech students need to know:

1. Laser Tattoo Removal is the Safest Removal Method on the Market Today

You might not expect lasers to be safer than lotions, but in the case of tattoo removal, it’s true. Specialized tattoo removal lasers are the single safest tattoo removal agent currently available on the market, with topical creams and invasive medical procedures falling far behind. Laser tattoo removal technicians tailor treatment plans to suit each individual tattoo size, ink density, placement on the body, and the age/skin type of each client. But DIY creams offer the same formulation to every consumer, regardless of their particular tattoo removal needs. This often results in burns, rashes, and scars – permanent skin damage that’s easily avoided by professional laser techs.

2. Laser Tattoo Removal = Always More Effective than Removal Alternatives

Not only is laser tattoo removal safer than alternative removal methods, it’s also much more effective. If you’ve studied the science behind laser tattoo removal, you’ll know it’s all about breaking down ink properties in the skin so they can be dissolved into the body. Creams, lotions, and lights may fade tattoos, but they’re simply not as effective at disintegrating them completely.
IBI students take part in a tattoo removal demo

IBI students take part in a tattoo removal demo

3. With Good Laser Tattoo Removal Training, Treatments Can Take Just Minutes

The right laser tech training makes it possible for its graduates to serve clients in quick and easy sessions, often within a few minutes per sitting. Well-trained technicians can conduct laser tattoo removal sessions with minimal time and pain and maximum results. Quick, targeted laser impulses can effectively treat tattoos without taking up a client’s whole day. A lunch break generally provides plenty of time for a laser session. The more effective the treatment, the fewer sessions a client will need and the happier they’ll be.

4. Risks Exist Even with Treatment from the Best Laser Tech Training Grad

While laser technology is quickly evolving, laser tattoo removal is still not for everyone. People who scar easily or who have known issues with skin problems like keloid scarring are not ideal candidates for this kind of treatment. According to Health Canada: “Experts in cosmetics with proper training in laser techniques should be able to perform hair reduction treatments with minimal risks to the Canadian public.” This means that when you go pro, it will be your responsibility to determine whether a client is right for you. (Thankfully, skin typing and client consultation lessons at institutes like IBI cover that part of the job.)

5. After-Care Makes a Huge Difference to a Tattoo Removal’s Success

In your laser tattoo removal courses, you’ll also learn to advise clients on properly caring for their skin throughout the tattoo removal process. This involves instructing them on home care plans/schedules involving ice and ointments. Because the lasers are hot, putting ice on areas post-treatment provides immediate relief. Special ointments help clients soothe and strengthen their skin in preparation for each session under your laser. These techniques will help them feel the most comfortable and get the best results.
A work-in-progress tattoo removal at IBI’s Mississauga campus clinic

A work-in-progress tattoo removal at IBI’s Mississauga campus clinic

With this knowledge and the experience you’ll acquire in laser technician courses, you’ll be ready to help clients feel completely comfortable in their own skin. Are you interested in pursuing your own laser tattoo removal training? Visit International Beauty Institute (IBI) to get started.

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I finished my lash lift and tint course and it was the best 🙂 the staff I spoke with before was super friendly and inviting and she answered all my questions before I decided to take it. The video instructions are more than helpful and I had no questions by the time I left. There’s even a support contact I could have reached out to if I had any questions during the course. If you’re thinking about enrolling I would say go for it!
Shak – Lash Lift & Tint Online Certificate Graduate
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