6 Vitamins Medical Spa Training Grads Use to Keep Clients Forever Young

medical spa training in Mississauga As the years go by, keeping skin youthful takes some strategic planning. Limiting smoking and direct exposure to sunlight can help, as can a balanced diet. Eating a variety of nutrient-rich, healthy foods helps retain that youthful glow, but no matter how much you eat, the body can only send a certain proportion of vitamins to your skin. The skin is our largest organ, undergoing gradual changes as we age. As cells divide more slowly and the inner layer thins, it begins to lose its elasticity and ability to stay moisturized, while gravity and repetitive motions cause wrinkles and sagging. To combat the aging process and vitamin deficiencies, experts recommend applying vitamins directly to the skin in the form of topical creams. They have the power to actually reverse wrinkles and discolouration by quickening the skin’s natural repair systems and directly inhibiting further damage. Rather than wandering around the pharmacy’s vast cosmetics section, a medi-spa therapist is far better suited to recommend and apply the best products for a client’s particular skin type. Skin can become sensitive from overuse of the wrong products but at a medi-spa, clients may be treated to a personalized evaluation before a range of medical-grade products are applied that are often unavailable over the counter. Students in advanced medical spa training learn about the best medical aesthetic therapies, skin care lines and product ingredients, so they can apply them in the appropriate situations.

The ABC’s of Vitamins for Client Skin Care After Medical Spa Training

A variety of vitamins and antioxidants can work wonders for a client’s skin with each having its own particular benefits, depending on the desired effect. Vitamin A is an especially effective defense against both acne and aging, improving skin turnover and collagen production. The best anti-aging skincare products contain Vitamin A derivatives, called retinoids, which balance your tone and remove wrinkles by peeling off the top layer of skin while thickening the skin below. However, retinoids can irritate the skin if misapplied and cause sunlight sensitivity. Generally, a small amount is applied in night creams for best results. Vitamin C is another versatile anti-ager, proven to remove the free radicals that trigger wrinkling and sagging, while helping to smooth and firm skin and fade brown spots. Combining Vitamin A with Vitamin C delivers more complexion perfection than one alone. “Skin aging occurs in various ways, so you need multiple forms of defense and repair,” says Dr. Mary Lupo, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine.
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Red seaweed in skincare products used at IBI contains vitamins A and C, as well as calcium

Eight vitamins form the Vitamin B complex, of which B5 (aka pantothenic acid) is effective for minimizing skin spots and redness. Vitamin B3 (niacin) is an anti-inflammatory for the skin when taken orally, with valuable antioxidant and water-loss-reduction properties.

Grads of Medical Spa Training Know the Skin Care Benefits of Vitamins D, E, and K

Clients don’t need to shun the sun entirely in search of ageless skin! Vitamin D is only produced in the skin by receiving sunlight and has powerful benefits for cell repair, elasticity, and collagen. However, Vitamin D2 can also be found in topically applied treatments to help your body absorb calcium and phosphorous.
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Help your clients look their best by knowing which vitamins will work best for them

Vitamin E is also a popular additive to creams because of its antioxidant qualities that rejuvenate skin cells to help heal wounds while softening skin. It boosts the skin’s UV defenses and lets the skin keep more of its natural moisturizers. Finally, Vitamin K may be found by students in a medical spa course in eye creams to help lighten the circles under eyes. Understanding the properties of all of these vitamins and more prepares students for giving their clients impressively youthful skin. Looking for the best medical spa training in Mississauga? International Beauty Institute prepares students for rewarding careers in the medical aesthetics industry.

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