Air Pollution = Age Spots? 3 Climate-Caused Flaws You’ll Learn to Fix in Medical Esthetics School

A microneedling skin rejuvenation treatment in action at IBI

A microneedling skin rejuvenation treatment in action at IBI

We know that pollution and climate change are bad news for the environment, but new research is proving that they’re bad news for skin health, too! Our world’s changing climate means longer summers, warmer winters, and more heavily polluted air quality—which can all have adverse effects on our skin’s strength and appearance. This is not only dangerous to our skin’s wellbeing, but also to the confidence and self-worth that can come from having healthy, youthful skin. Extremes in weather (both hot and cold) can exacerbate some existing skin conditions and cause new ones. The right training can give you the skills, certification, and confidence you need to help clients enjoy healthy, rejuvenated skin. You’ll learn to use a range of state-of-the-art products to provide everything from traditional aesthetic services—like facials, body treatments, makeup applications, and waxing—to the advanced therapies today’s professional medi-spa environments offer. Here are three of the climate-caused problems you’ll learn to fix in medical esthetics training.

1. From Aging to Acne, Treat Heat-Caused Flaws in Medical Esthetics School

Every good beauty professional knows the sun can cause major aging damage to the face. Exposure to sunlight is one of the major causes of fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging. With the world’s current ozone layer depletion, UV sunlight can even damage skin on overcast days! No matter what the weather is like, today’s skincare professionals understand the value of wearing SPF protection, and of practicing regular medical esthetic peels and treatments to keep skin looking and feeling youthful.

Sun can have serious, lasting aging effects on the skin

Sun can have serious, lasting aging effects on the skin

Along with anti-aging skin treatments, you’ll also learn to treat acne flare-ups in medical esthetics school. The extreme heat and humidity we’ve come to expect throughout many parts of our summers can also bring rise to acne. When sweat gets trapped in pores and ducts, bumps and breakouts are bound to happen. High-end skin products and deep-cleaning techniques you’ll learn in school can help you give acne-sufferers some relief.

2. Grads of Medical Aesthetics Courses Also Treat Winter Weather Skin Issues

The colder and harsher winter weather of recent years can also be tough on the skin. Cold temperatures often mean low humidity and high winds, which can dry out skin and strip it of its natural moisture. Throughout the colder months, many people find their skin to be rough, red, tightened, cracked or peeling because of winter-weather dryness and irritation. With the right training, you’ll learn to use a variety of retail and professional skincare lines designed to keep clients’ skin moisturized and smooth. It’s your expertise that can make all the difference!

3. Air Pollution that Causes Age Spots is Treatable with Medical Esthetics

According to the recent Journal of Investigative Dermatology study, women in areas of denser air pollution experience more age spots than their cleaner air counterparts. Certain air pollution-associated gases are now recognized to cause lentigenes (age spots); those tell-tale darkened patches of the skin on the face, arms, and hands. The study states that “pollution-induced skin damage is a global problem,” causing lentigenes in approximately 90 per cent of Caucasians older than 60 (and 20 per cent of those younger than 35 years) here in North America.

A professional medical esthetician performs a laser treatment on a client’s age spots

A professional medical esthetician performs a laser treatment on a client’s age spots

If you pursue medical aesthetics courses at a top training institute like International Beauty Institute (IB), you’ll get hands-on practice with photo rejuvenation, laser treatments and other medical esthetic modalities effective in treating these unflattering and increasingly prevalent climate-caused flaws in your own community.

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