Becoming A Spa Therapist: A True Underdog Story    

By: Annelise Vintila

Manicurist filing nails of female client, view from above

As a writer, I speak to a lot of people that don’t believe writing is a career, “Oh, is that like a hobby?”, “You actually get paid for writing?”, “When are you getting an actual job?”. I have a double major in English and Creative Writing and have written numerous blogs and I continue to write because I have a deep passion for it, even when it doesn’t pay the greatest. I share my battle to be taken seriously with other professions such as hair stylists, mail delivery workers, baristas, and most importantly, spa therapists. Spa therapists must deal with a constant buffet of different characters, adapting to each individual need and ensuring their client has the best spa experience. I have lost count of how many times I have heard people say, “I can’t wait ‘till my spa appointment,” and coming out as rejuvenated as ever, all thanks to a licensed spa therapist.

Get Your Spa Therapist Training First

The root of being the best is maintaining passion and drive, no matter how hard things seem. A professional spa therapist didn’t become great overnight, they had to have extensive spa therapist training to learn the basics and everything in between. A spa therapist’s job is one the least extravagant jobs in the industry, having to deal with other people’s body hair, body parts and different range of personalities. Before they can get their spa therapist diploma, they must be educated in modules such as manicures/pedicures, body treatments, skin care and body hair removal techniques (

Woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician
Spa therapists are trained in manicures, skin care, and more!

Just Don’t Give Up

I think one of the best aspects of being a writer is you are constantly forced to dig out what is in your thoughts and write beautiful prose on paper, without anyone interrupting your train of thought. The added challenge to a spa therapist comes from doing a stellar job as a professional but also entertaining your client so they have the most ideal experience. To become a spa therapist, a student must not only be book smart and excel at their modules but they must also have a social and approachable persona to connect with the client; the most underrated aspect of a job therapist is not doing a task, it’s doing the task while juggling good customer service. Clients go to the spa because they want to feel refreshed and relaxed, which puts a lot of pressure on the spa therapist but if the therapist are properly trained and have a passion for reviving people to the best version of themselves, it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation
It’s important to never give up on your dreams

Know You’re Doing Your Best

Choosing an ‘underdog’ career, so to speak, can be challenging and difficult when you first start. Not only do you have to face your own insecurities in the field, but you have to dodge the constant negative comments people throw at you to influence you in another direction. Whether you are a writer like myself, a hardworking mail man, or an aspiring spa therapist, know that giving up is not an option. You might have bad days, but the good days to follow will make you forget the negative and rejoice in the positive aspects of your career because in the end, you can’t let people decide what’s best for you.

Do you want to become a spa therapist?

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I went to the International Beauty Institute and graduated last year from the Medical Aesthetics Diploma. I went to quite a few schools and attended interviews and information sessions, IBI being one of them…and I can safely say, I picked the right school!!! The staff are extremely polite, and helpful. It’s a fun-loving environment with the education you want! I had some of the best teachers, very knowledgeable and willing to go out of their way to help you out. I successfully opened a Med Spa since attending this school, and they helped guide me through the process! Thank you guys for everything you’ve done, couldn’t thank you all enough! Definitely the best choice I made!!
Neha – owner of Surya Med Spa and Medical Aesthetics Diploma Graduate
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