Considering Laser Training? Learn The Science Behind Tattoo Removal

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Today, tattoos are more popular than ever. In fact, as many as 21% of Canadians have at least one tattoo. And, while the ink-loving trend is set to continue (Millennials and younger generations are even more likely to get inked; as many as 38% of Millennials have a tattoo) – the trend towards tattoo removal is also growing. That’s because as many as 50% of people who get a tattoo later regret their decision. It’s one of the reasons why laser tattoo removal is on the rise. How does it work and why is laser tattoo removal the most popular tattoo removal method? Read on to find out!

Laser Tattoo Removal Training 101: How Tattoos Work

Before we explore the world of laser tattoo removal training, it’s important to know how tattoos are made in the first place. When a client gets a tattoo, they have insoluble ink injected deep into their skin with the help of a tattoo machine. These machines can prick the skin as many as 3,000 times per minute – injecting plenty of ink to make the tattoo.

Ink is injected into the skin with the help of a tattoo needle

Ink is injected into the skin with the help of a tattoo needle

The human body quickly identifies the ink as a foreign object and sends white blood cells to the site of the tattoo to try and remove it. Some smaller ink droplets can be carried away by these white blood cells which bring them to the liver to be processed and naturally eliminated by the body. That’s why most tattoos fade a bit with time. But, while smaller droplets are easy to carry away, bigger droplets are too large to be carried by white blood cells. As a result, they stay lodged in the epidermis – which is what makes tattoos permanent.

Why Laser Training Has Become the Top Way to Remove Tattoos

In the past, removing tattoos was a lengthy, painful, or downright impossible process. Danielle Young, the aesthetic manager at Epsom Skin Clinics, recalls that ”historically, the only way to get rid of a tattoo was to cover it with skin-coloured ink, or cut it out.” Fortunately, new developments in laser technology offer a better alternative. While laser technology is not pain-free, it is less invasive than other techniques like dermabrasion, which sands away layers of the skin. Instead, professionals with laser training use lasers to break up the ink in the skin into smaller droplets. The heat from the laser helps to break the ink apart. And then, because the droplets are smaller, they can be carried away by white blood cells.

The Limitations of Laser Tattoo Removal

Even though laser tattoo removal is a less invasive and less painful procedure than traditional tattoo removal procedures, there is no magic cure-all for taking away every tattoo without a trace. As students learn during their studies, laser tattoo removal works best on dark colours like blacks, browns, and deep blues. While it’s possible to substantially reduce the appearance of a tattoo with laser treatment, it may take several sessions. Students at the International Beauty Institute (IBI) work with the most modern technologies available, including the Mediostar TattooStar Laser. Ink particles deep in the skin absorb the laser beam’s light energy and are fragmented, absorbed by the lymphatic system and destroyed. The entire process is quick, nearly bloodless and highly effective. TattooStar’s flat-top square application covers more surface area than competitor treatments, eliminating the need for overlaps and resulting in a more even and comfortable treatment without injury or scars.

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