How Estheticians Can Save Lives Through Esthetician School

By: Annelise Vintila

Mixed race woman massaging her face and looking at a mirror

A good skin care routine is developed over time, as there are many factors that affect a healthy regimen. When you’re a child, you have supple and smooth skin and as you morph into a teenager, most individuals’ skins begin rebelling like their fashion sense. Yes, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, living a minimally stressed life and washing your face with proper products are all crucial factors to a flawless skin, but consulting an esthetician is also a must. Prior to researching the role of an esthetician, I believed cosmetologist and estheticians were trained in the same roles; they are similar but cosmetologists are also also trained in nail and hair care. Esthetician Courses While a cosmetologist can be incredibly helpful, an esthetician is medically trained to resolve all skin problems in the most detailed medical manner and are required to get a diploma from a reputable esthetics school. Estheticians are qualified in hair removal, facial treatments and scanning the skin properly for epitomal skincare. Esthetician training in Mississauga and Hamilton can be found on the where experienced teachers helps students through a hands-on approach. An esthetician’s job placement can vary anywhere from a plush spa to a home-based business; because their jobs involve seeing clients with all different skin problems, estheticians must be able to confidently advise and help their customers. Consulting an esthetician is an investment over a course of a lifetime, as your skin cells replace themselves every 7 years, meaning that you will literally have new skin cells that need in-depth examination.

Face Skin Cleaning
Estheticians can work in many different settings

Sunrays, Not So Good

In the summer time, I bathe in the sunlight. I try to go to the beach and tan (and end up burning) my whole body, but my face always seems to burn the easiest; no matter how much sunscreen and protection I slather on, my face is always burnt. I had seen an esthetician for the first time in 2016 and have seen her every year since. I cannot stress enough the importance of her in my life, she opened up my eyes to the scary possibility that if I continue to burn in the Sun the way I have been, I can get skin cancer within the next 10 years. As much as I hated hearing it, it was what I needed to hear.

Young beautiful woman touching skin in bathroom. Unhappy girl standing in towel, looking in the mirror, checking dry irritated skin. Morning skincare routine.
Damage caused by tanning can have a significant impact on skin

Reality Check

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is time to treat it as one of the most important. We go to the doctor for regular check-up to prevent from becoming ill, and we should go to a qualified esthetician to maximize our dermis health. Esthetician coursesdevelop estheticians to become the best in the industry and, in turn, project their knowledge on people in dire need of skin rejuvenation like yours truly. An esthetician’s main role is ensuring their client’s skin is as healthy as possible, but they also serve as reality-checkers.

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