Eyelash Extension Courses: How It Affects More Than The Eyes

By: Annelise Vintila

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes. Close up, macro, selective focus

I remember watching the 1963 movie ‘Cleopatra’ starring the eternally beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. As she commanded the screen with her presence, she also captivated audiences with her piercing blue eyes and glorious lashes. I was enthralled and quickly became addicted to her filmography to learn how to look as sexy as she did; I still yet have to figure that out. Women in film have influenced beauty trends since they first appeared on screen, and among Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow with her platinum blonde hair and Judy Garland with her ringed curls. Women quickly began to idolize the look that was perceived on screen, and it has been a continuous pattern leading into the 21st Century.

Professional Eyelash Extensions Training

Researching Elizabeth Taylor’s flawless gaze, I found out that her lashes were a product of genetic mutation; she possessed two sets of lashes resulting in a full cat-eye with no enhancements. Women in today’s age have mastered the art of creating a sexy yet natural full lash, whether thru the use of cosmetics such as a simple eyelash curler and mascara, or eyelash extensions for a more dramatic effect. Those in pursuit for the perfect lashes can further progress by enrolling in professional eyelash extensions training from Through the eyelash extension training in Mississauga, students understand the importance of eye shapes and lash styles, client consults and charting, hygiene and safety all while taking a detailed look into the lash business.

Comparison of female eyes before and after eyelash extension
Eyelash extensions can dramatically enhance lashes

Those In Favour Say ‘Eye’

A professional lash technician can truly shape a client’s outlook on the importance of beautiful lashes. What I personally love about lash extensions is that no matter what colour, shape or size your eyes are, big lashes can always improve the way your eyes are presented to the world. You might think you have beady small eyes, but once you are enhanced with lash extension you are instantly transformed. An eyelash extensions course can elevate the way a person approaches the look of their eyes, and it can lift up those with low spirits about their windows of their soul.

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes. Close up, macro, selective focus
Lash technicians know how to create the perfect look

Give It A Boost

Not all of us can be fortunate enough to suffer a ‘genetic mutation’ of double the lashes like Elizabeth Taylor, but we are endowed with the modern technology of eyelash extensions. It’s important to realize how influential the perception of eyes is to the world; they are one of the first thing strangers notice. If you have a poor perception of how your eyes look it can create an instant sense of self-doubt, and alternatively if your eyes glow whenever you speak, you are undoubtedly more confident. Eyelash extensions are more than just an aesthetical trend, it can truly spark a person’s self-confidence and outer self-worth.

Would you like to learn how to do eyelash extensions?

Learn more about the professional eyelash extensions training available at the International Beauty Institute.

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I had the greatest experience with this lash lift and tint course! I did lots of research because I’ve have bad experiences elsewhere and am so happy I went with International Beauty Institute. They are really the best in the business! The extra bonuses like the price setting workbook and turn strangers to clients script were game changers for my business!! I can’t wait to see where this takes me!
Shayeal P – Lash Lift & Tint Online Certificate Graduate
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