Eyelash Extension Courses Improve Clients’ Experience

By: Annelise Vintila

Comparison of female eyes before and after eyelash extension

I remember being 22, freshly fatigued out of university and wandering into Sephora to try on their make-up samples. As I roamed around the aisles, I stopped in the mascara section: one tube was for volume, one tube was for length, one tube was for water-proof and I soon got engulfed in the world of improved lashes. I am simple girl; a little bit of concealer to hide my 2 hours of sleep, a little lip-balm so I don’t look like I have pneumonia and a little mascara, so I don’t look fatigued. I have always admired men and women who put on a full face of make-up and look like beauty queens at 8 am in the morning because a make-up routine takes energy and discipline. I spoke to an experienced Sephora associate who took professional eyelash extensions training and advised me that getting eyelash extensions would be the best option for me, in the sense that it would brighten up my face without effort. I was sold on the idea, and the next day I arrived at the lash studio and got a full set. I couldn’t recognize myself, my eyes were complimented by long luscious lashes and I instantly smiled at my reflection. The lash artist reassured me that my new glorious lashes would last me close to 3 weeks and they would endure through showers and unexpected naps.

Eyelash Extension Training in Mississauga

Lash extensions are an investment; a good set would cost anywhere between $130-$250 and it would take you about 3 hours for the lash artist to apply them on you. It is crucial to have a season lash artist too, as they can guide you through the first couple of times you get extensions and advise you on proper care such as proper care, hygiene and safety and refills. There are multiple steps in order to be a lash artist, and one of the easiest ways to start is by taking eyelash extension training in Mississauga, where students will be equipped with the best state of the art schooling to progress their lash art.

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes. Close up, macro, selective focus
It typically takes about 3 hours for a lash artist to apply eyelash extensions

How False Lashes Boosted my Confidence

Four days after my appointment, my mom surprised me with a trip to Ireland where we would navigate the beautiful land despite rain and wind. Every morning, I would make sure to comb through my lashes to maximize my volume. We hiked, biked, took multiple buses, walked through the pouring rain for a week exploring the beautiful land and continually kept getting nervous my lashes would fall out faster than expected. Even though some lashes naturally fell, at the end of a physically-straining week my lashes still looked impeccable and I didn’t put even put any effort. I didn’t have to worry if I looked tired or unimpressed because my lashes made me look presentable even when I didn’t feel the greatest. Through an extensive eyelash extensions course, lash artists can transform their client’s experience into a very enjoyable experience; I could’ve walked in and had a horrible time and never wanted my eyelashes done again. A lash artist has the power to expand a simple girl’s mind and make her a seasoned customer.

Eyelash extension procedure, woman eye with Long eyelashes
Eyelash extensions can be transformative

Are you interested in beginning professional eyelash extensions training?

Learn more about the training you can receive at the International Beauty Institute.

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A very interesting and valuable experience. I learnt a lot and my Instructor was always ready to answer my questions. By the end of my course and clinical internship, I had a lot of experience and I liked how it enabled me to interact with all kinds of clients through the practical work.
Sandra – Medical Aesthetics Diploma Graduate
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