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By: Annelise Vintila 

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I am currently at the age where most of my girlfriends are in long-term relationships, engaged or married; I am on the completely different spectrum where I am loving the single life and not sharing my pillows with my snoring counterpart. My friend Danielle in particular, shared the same principles as me until she met the love of her life 3 years ago, and in a flick of an eyelash, she was engaged 2 years later. Danielle has always been a naturally gorgeous girl, olive skinned, hazel eyed, toned goddess that most men would turn to mush over. The day of her wedding, she hired a makeup artist that transformed her from a goddess to a bona fide bombshell. Danielle instantly gained movie star cheekbones, alluring lips and an internal glow that intensified as her wedding day went on.

Makeup Classes: A Makeup Artist’s Education

I have always perceived Danielle as a beautiful woman, but the makeup on her wedding day made her unforgettable. As she was walking down the aisle, all the guests had a gleam in their eye as though they saw a shooting star. The makeup artist truly understood Danielle’s natural beauty and enhanced it to transform her into a time-stopping stunner. The artist reassured Danielle that she has a diploma and had aced all her makeup artist courses in preparation for applying makeup on clients, and she explained that a makeup artist’s job extends far beyond a makeup brush. Danielle was confident in her skin without a drop of makeup or moisturizer on her, but a lot of women had doubts about the way they looked. A makeup artist’s job is to make all their clients feel confident and to elevate the clients’ self-worth to see the best versions of themselves. IBI serves as an eye-opening institution, where you can take makeup classes in the literal application of makeup but also the training required to improve the inner confidence of a client.

Make-up artist doing make up for young beautiful bride applying wedding make-up
A makeup artist can make all the difference

Shine Your Brightest (High)Light

Danielle stunned everyone on her wedding day, and though she stopped many people in their tracks before, her wedding day was different; people were wondering how can someone look so beautiful without being photoshopped. Her makeup artist truly understood the meaning of her special day and boosted Danielle’s confidence to its most potential by highlighting her stunning features and calming her nerves down by making her look like the best version of herself. Yes, the wedding day is about the unity of two bodies and souls together, but if you do not feel like you look like your best self, that attitude will be reflected in your actions. Danielle was the happiest girl in the room on her wedding day and her husband was thrilled to have such an amazing wife by his side.

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Makeup artists help brides look their best on their big day!

Would you like a career helping brides look their absolute best on their wedding day?

Discover the International Beauty Institute, and our makeup artist training in Toronto.

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