Lending Hands and Ears When You Become a Spa Therapist

By: Annelise Vintila

Young woman having face makeup removed with cotton swab

I was cruising through the aisles of Shopper’s Drugmart, as my weekly ritual, when I stopped in front of the skincare display. Among the expensive creams and concealers, the colourful facemasks were the ones that caught my eye. I’ve watched my fair share of Youtube videos where people apply and peel off masks to reveal a radiant complexion, and I wanted to join the flock. I purchased a cucumber (how original) facemask that allegedly cleans and revitalizes your pores; it didn’t. The package said to leave it on for five to seven minutes, but by the third minute my skin felt like it had caught on fire. I rushed to the sink to try to take it off, but it quickly became mush on my fingers and it squished itself under my fingernails. Though it wasn’t an enjoyable first experience, I’m glad I did it because it made me appreciate professional cosmetic aid much more.

The Proof is in the Credentials

I believe anyone that decides to become a spa therapisthas experienced their amounts of not-so glamorous beauty stories. I have a lot of respect for spa therapists because they have seen gross, revealing and raw moments of other people’s bodies and they still choose to love and appreciate their work every day. Yes, they do have to enlist in spa therapist training courses such as manicures and pedicures, hair removal techniques, skin care and body treatments, but they also must adore making other people feel better about themselves; I like to call them the ‘beauty shrinks’. Spa therapists must put on a happy face even when they’re having a horrible day because they are in the business of making others happy, and they understand that fact; their clients come to them for relief, for release and for relaxation, and they trust their body in a professional’s literal hands. Though there are some spas that allow spa therapists without a diploma, most professional spas only hire those with a spa therapist diploma to increase their credentials. A trusted spa therapist can make a difference in their client’s day, whether it’s someone that has had a bad experience with a face masks to someone who has never had a massage and is anxious to explore the depths of their body.

Woman in mask on face in spa beauty salon.
Clients can look forward to top quality service at a spa

Professionals with a Spa Therapist Diploma Exude Positivity

I am nowhere financially stable to afford a spa weekend every month (thank you student loans), but I think that makes the experience of going to the spa even more special. My home remedies don’t seem to be working very well, and it greater makes me value a spa therapist’s job. As a blogger, I can have a bad day and decide to be miserable and not be penalized for my attitude, but a spa therapist must always control their demeanour and serve their clients no matter what they are personally dealing with. I have a great amount of admiration for those who choose to brighten up people’s lives with their passion for their jobs, and a spa therapist exudes just that.

Young beautiful woman with clay facial mask
A day at the spa can be an incredibly relaxing experience

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