Makeup Artist Training Can Improve Inward Outlook

By: Annelise Vintila 

Makeup artist applies mascara to eyelashes of african girl. Evening make-up. Closeup portrait

Some days I wear loads of makeup, some days I go natural to let my skin breathe. Either way I choose to present myself, I try to feel as confident as I can. A harsh truth I learned only while having the experience of growing up is that some superficial people will treat you differently based on your outward appearance; when I wear a bit of mascara, foundation and blush people treat me much kinder than when I roll out of bed with a forehead zit. I start my day in the same manner, positive, energetic and ready to take on the day, no matter if there is makeup on my face or not, but sometimes other people’s energy and tones towards me based on the way I look can affect my mood.

Makeup Artist Training Affects Everyone

I find makeup artistry fascinating because there are so many branches that can be discovered; movie, special effects, bridal, stage and theatre and advanced makeup. All aficionados must enroll in makeup school, where they must excel in their training in order to progress further with their career. Once they obtain their diploma they are able to develop their skills better with the experience of working on a range of different clients. Each makeup artist’s goal is different based on each individual client; a person might want the help of a makeup artist to hide blemishes and feel rejuvenated, another client’s goal could be to experience as much with colours and palettes to discover their inward boundaries. Makeup can be as simple and as complicates as the individual, that’s what makes it so fascinating, and the better you feel on the outside, the more your inner self can breakthrough.

cropped view of attractive model and makeup artist applying lipstick in photo studio
Makeup artists can create simple looks, bold looks and everything in between!

It’s All About The Energy

I was always envious of my sister’s blemish free skin, even when she was going through puberty. While I was stuck scrubbing my forehead thrice a day to get rid of the oil, she was unburdened and free. As my acne cleared up, I also began to flourish without makeup and understood my sister’s carefree attitude. Unlike my sister, I began to experiment with styles of makeup out of curiosity and found my groove with the ‘natural’ look. Makeup artist training is fascinating because it can help an individual morph their style based on what makes them most comfortable, and once they are confident in which makeup style they choose, they are more confident with other choices they choose to make. I find that when you release positive inner energy, it can be deeply contagious and it guarantees a better outlook with others. Positive outlooks are stronger than opinions, and the better you feel about yourself the harder it is to let miserable energy affect you.

Beautiful model modeling for makeup artist.
A skilled makeup artist can help their clients feel more confident

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I loved this program. I learned so much and am very confident with the techniques that I have learned. The photoshoots were great and have helped me to develop my portfolio. Thank you to the staff and my instructor for such a great experience.
Lyna – Make-Up Artist Diploma Graduate
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