Makeup School: Making Up For Self-Esteem

By: Annelise Vintila

Makeup artist contouring face to model. Close up.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friend’s wedding last September; I was elated and excited until I realized I would be photographed the whole day, posed and spur-of-the-moment. The day of the wedding, we had a lovely makeup artist that would transform the bridal party into certified hotties, and I was terrified. The makeup artist closely looked at me with her big brown eyes, and asked me if I preferred a certain makeup style; I responded with, “Umm… can you make my face look a lot less fat?”. She laughed but I was serious. I have always had a healthy sense of self-confidence but I was slowly crumbling that day because the other bridesmaids were absolutely naturally stunning, and I kept beating myself over my baby-fat face. The makeup artist contoured my face so extreme, I looked like a replica of an Easter Island statue, and the photos turned out exquisite.

Makeup Artist Training

I applaud makeup artist training because I was a complete emotional mess the day of my friend’s wedding, and the makeup artist handled my situation very delicately and professionally. It is understandable that every person has an internal flaw that they are not comfortable with, but it is a different issue when that flaw stops you from enjoying the things that you love. Instead of concerning myself with what drink to get next at the open bar, I kept sucking my cheeks in and elongating my neck just in case the photographer took an impromptu photo. Makeup school trains artists into excelling at all ranges of makeup including editorial, bridal, beauty and even period styles so that they are prepared for all clients on all aspects of the beauty spectrum. Living in the GTA, I always research the closest school in my proximity and the best and most promising is enrolling in makeup classes in Mississauga from Along with experienced and dedicated teachers, the institute values individual student attention that aims to perfect the skills of everyone enrolled, no matter their starting skill level. It is crucial for makeup artists to remain calm even under pressure, whether time or client needs, and to continually enjoy their job.

beautiful laughing bride with bridesmaids holding bouquets
Makeup artists are trained in bridal makeup, editorial makeup, and more!

Focus On The Great, Throw Away The Trash

It is no one’s responsibility to improve my confidence but my own, but it is extremely helpful to rely on an experienced makeup artist to make you feel beautiful. No, they can’t stop me from comparing myself to Megan Fox, or trying to cover my pores with extra virgin oil because that’s what I read in a magazine, but they can help me see my complexion in a different light. A makeup artist can highlight my features that I didn’t notice before and focus on my positive characteristics that I steamrolled over because I was too busy focusing on the negative. Though a makeup artist can only highlight my physical appearance, they can also aid my internal self-awareness by reminding me that my positive attributes should always eclipse the undesirable ones.

Portrait of a confident, satisfied and happy woman with both hands out, isolated on pink
Makeup artists help clients feel confident!

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