What is Microblading? Find out in Eyebrow Microblading Training

Microblading is the trendiest way to achieve bold and beautiful eyebrows

Microblading is the trendiest way to achieve bold and beautiful eyebrows

Many women struggle with the consequences of over plucking, hair loss, or light hair. Over the years, they might turn to powders, pencils, gels, and waxes to create that perfect arch. But with more and more celebrities rocking bold brows on Instagram and the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek (coined by bold-brow star herself Kim Kardashian), many are now looking towards more permanent and easier-to-maintain measures to get the eyebrow look they want. Fortunately, microblading might just have the answer. It’s the newest trend on the scene of the #EyebrowsOnFleek movement, and has been rapidly gaining popularity. Keep reading to discover how this cosmetic procedure is changing faces around the world and why it could be the next step in your beauty career!

Eyebrow Microblading Training Helps Students Create the Perfect Set of Brows

Microblading involves using a very small blade to press into the skin and deposit semi-permanent ink. The blade is small and the ink impression it leaves is about the same size as a hair strand, which means that it perfectly mimics real hair, leading to natural-looking fuller brows. Taking an eyebrow microblading course will prepare you to confidently complete each step needed to craft a perfect pair of brows. That process begins with numbing the client’s brows to ensure a comfortable experience. After numbing, microblading specialists use precise measurement techniques to frame eyebrows and craft the perfect shape. Preparation takes the majority of the time used in a session, but once that prep work is complete, you can carefully start giving your client a brand new set of brows.

Eyebrow Microblading Classes Will Teach Students That Several Appointments Are Required

Graduates of eyebrow microblading classes know that upkeep is a necessary part of the microblading process. During the healing process, brows could fade up to 40 per cent of what they were after the initial session. This is why an initial touch up is required within several months of the procedure. Depending on the client’s level of care, skin type, and habits, their aftercare routine could vary slightly. During their follow up session, these factors are assessed, in addition to how well the original procedure healed. Microblading specialists advise their clients to avoid rubbing their brows, applying make-up or creams to the area, and advise them to avoid tanning beds—among several other aftercare considerations.

Students in an Eyebrow Microblading Course Know the Procedure Is Only Semi-Permanent

Permanent make-up has been stigmatized for a long time. Visions of blue drawn-on eyebrows and too-dark lip liner often come to mind when picturing permanent make-up. However, microblading is more than a little different. Unlike regular tattooing with a tattoo gun, microblading uses a miniature blade that’s pressed into the skin manually by the technician. It’s very shallow, only pressing down through about two layers of skin. The ink that is deposited is a semi-permanent ink, meaning it will fade and dissipate overtime. A typical procedure is meant to last anywhere between one to three years, depending on a client’s habits. Because microblading only lasts three years, if styles change or your client decides to drastically alter their hair colour, it won’t be too long until they can get a fresh pair of brows to match. Are you inspired to pursue a promising and rewarding career as a microblading specialist? Contact International Beauty Institute to learn more about our eyebrow microblading training!

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