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By: Annelise Vintila

Face Skin Cleaning

A good skin-care routine is more than the physical act of applying moisturizer or washing your face before you go to bed; good skin-care roots in good self-esteem. I had awful acne as a teenager, a mix of hormones and oily skin, and grew envious when my sister had a clear face without any blemishes or pimples. I washed my face four times a day, scrubbing my face maliciously hoping by the next morning the acne would magically disappear; the older I got, the more I understood the freedom of accepting whatever skin type you’re given. I still have oily skin but opted to have facial peels once every 3 months to rejuvenate and strengthen my pores. I believe that skin-care is crucial to maintaining a sunny attitude, and it helped me accept other people’s naturally flawless complexion without putting myself down.

Let a Professional Handle It

I had my first chemical peel 3 years ago when I went to the spa to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. The esthetician was friendly and warned me that the peel might sting a little, and when she was finished my face felt soft and supple. The peel got rid of all the impurities I had and calmed my skin so it looked less blotchy and blemished. I asked the lady what inspired her to be an esthetician and she told me she loves when women and men walk out of her appointments with a positive self-outlook. Through her esthetician courses, she learned that skin-care can influence an individual’s self-admiration.

Portrait of man with clay facial mask in beauty spa.
Helping clients feel and look their best is a very rewarding aspect of this career

Medical Esthetics Courses

Estheticians are highly educated in the manners of skin-care, botox and dermal-fillers, hair removal techniques and make-up, and they also must learn great interpersonal skills to achieve a good rapport with their clients. They must attend a reputable esthetics institute, one can be found at, and have 240 hours of practice before becoming a professional esthetician. Just like any other profession dealing with skin-care, you want the best possible person to attend to your individual dermal needs.

Pretty woman getting a facial treatment at the health spa
Estheticians are highly educated professionals who have completed hours of practice

Cultivating Positive Energy

Many influences factor in a good skin-care routine without an individual even touching any products: sufficient sleep, drinking a lot of water, nutrition, pollution and genes among others. As a teenager, I thought that my bad acne and complexion was a result of poor personal hygiene and blamed myself without understanding the other factors that contributed to my blemishes. Skin-care routines range based on each individual and a professional esthetician can work with you to achieve a clear and healthy complexion. Medical esthetics courses can help train and aspire future estheticians to change people’s self-outlook and empower those who lack confidence. Whether you are a pimply 14 year old girl who washes her face too frequently because she thinks she will never get a boyfriend (still a sore spot), or an adult suffering from acne, an esthetician can help you discover ways to calm your skin and make you feel beautiful. Having a good skin-care routine promotes confidence, self-love and cultivates an inner energy that shuts out your self-doubts.

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