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International Beauty Institute is providing you with the most comprehensive online lash lift course in Canada! Our course enables you to combine the knowledge of experienced professionals with the ease of an online classroom in a matter of 3 days. 

Other online lash lift courses simply do not include all the appropriate and credible information to help you achieve your utmost success. We have designed a course that has compacted 7 years of intensive research and 8 months of testing to bring you the most comprehensive course to teach you the best lessons in the business!

So What Are You Going To Learn?

How To Use Your Kit: Performing your best means you have the appropriate tools for success. Crucial supplies like perming lotion, silicone eye shields, micro and mascara wands, black tint and straightening tweezers are only part of what is included. We want to start you off on the right foot by learning right about lashes.

How to Choose the Best Model: We’ll show you how to choose the right clients to deliver amazing lift and tints!

How to Perform An Expert-Level Consultation: A detailed video that teaches you all the questions you must ask your client, an appropriate word-for-word script to use on your model to achieve their perfect lash vision and a thoroughly designed PDF in case you have any questions after each lesson.

How to Successfully Set Up Your Work Station: We will show you the leading tricks of the trade to work efficiently without having to waste time running back and forth from one place to another.

How to Properly Prepare Client’s Lashes for a Lash Lift: Lash preparation is the most important tool you can learn and we can teach you the best techniques! Without proper preparation, lashes will not be able to appropriately retain the lift and tint. No fear, we’re here!

How to Apply Silicone Shields and Glue Up Lashes: A great shield placement can make the difference between an amazing lift and tint and a bad one. We teach you how to ensure perfect placement so every client leaves happy.

How to Apply the Lifting and Setting Lotions: A detailed video showing you how and where to apply your products in terms of distance from the lash. 

How a Lash Lift Works: We teach you how a lash lift works scientifically including its ingredients, giving you the extended knowledge to give you a leg up on the competition!

How to Assess Processing Times: Our experienced visual tool will teach you the appropriate time to leave the product on your client’s lashes so they achieve the perfect result.

Professional After-Care Protocols

Assuring your client has the best last tinting experience, you must first teach them the proper aftercare protocols. We have mastered the aftercare guideline and we’re here to pay our knowledge to our passionate students where you will learn about:

How to Take Care of a New Lash Lift and Tint: A video lesson in which you will learn how to properly teach your client on how to attend to their new lash lift and tint; a good routine will optimize the life of a lash lift and tint tint.

After-Care Form: We constructed an after-care form to give to your client so you don’t have to!

The Best Online Lash Lift Course in Canada

Our online learning kit includes professional advice, expert lessons and some extra bonuses to give you an advantage on the competition! We have also included lessons on how to take photos that progressively sell your business, how to properly price yourself for profit and how to turn your clients into loyal, returning customers. 

International Beauty Institute has taken the frustration out of learning and replaced it with excitement. We understand that time is money and the faster you get certified the more money you can earn!

Contact us to get your online lash lifting and tinting kit and start learning today!


I have just completed the lash lift and tint online course and I would highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to take beauty courses. This school is very organized and the support staff are very easy to deal with. Every staff member I’ve come into contact with is extremely helpful and professional. I really like that this is actually a real college and not a random person making courses. Will be looking to take more courses with this school in the future.
– Catarina

I had the greatest experience with this lash lift and tint course! I did lots of research because I’ve have bad experiences elsewhere and am so happy I went with International Beauty Institute. They are really the best in the business! The extra bonuses like the price setting workbook and turn strangers to clients script were game changers for my business!! I can’t wait to see where this takes me!
– Shayeal P

This lash lift and tint online training was FUN , KNOWLEDGE-PACKED and has an AMAZING VIBE! I would recommend International Beauty Institute to anyone searching for a Lash Lift and Tint training course. I will definitely be taking more courses with them.
– Liza Roussy

My daughter and I both took the lash lift and tint online course and we both got our certificates. I would highly recommend taking this course with International Beauty Institute. The videos in this course are very professional. We are now thinking about taking the eyelash extensions online courses too when they become available. See you soon
– Victoria S

I finished my lash lift and tint course and it was the best 🙂 the staff I spoke with before was super friendly and inviting and she answered all my questions before I decided to take it. The video instructions are more than helpful and I had no questions by the time I left. There’s even a support contact I could have reached out to if I had any questions during the course. If you’re thinking about enrolling I would say go for it!
– Shak

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This lash lift and tint online training was FUN , KNOWLEDGE-PACKED and has an AMAZING VIBE! I would recommend International Beauty Institute to anyone searching for a Lash Lift and Tint training course. I will definitely be taking more courses with them.
Liza Roussy – Lash Lift & Tint Online Certificate Graduate
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