Professionals with Spa Therapy Training Share the Best 3 Facials for Fall

Get your face fresh and ready for autumn with three must-try fall facials you can get your own hands on in spa therapist courses Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing colour, and deep, berry lipsticks are back to give those subtle summer shades the boot. With Mother Nature’s #naturalbeauty out in full force, it’s obvious that—you guessed it—autumn is here! In spa therapy courses you can gain inside knowledge about how experts keep faces fresh and glowing all year round. How do professional spa therapists guard clients’ faces against the harsher, crisper, and chillier autumn weather? How do they repair the skin damage and discolouration that often comes from months of summer sun exposure? From deep peels to creamy masks and beyond, we’ve rounded up some expert-endorsed facial treatments perfect for this precise time of year. So grab yourself a pumpkin-spiced treat, wrap yourself in a cozy sweater, and read on for our guide to three must-try fall facials.

1. Spa Therapist Course Instructors Endorse the Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel

If you love fall like we do, ring in the season with a pumpkin-themed facial from top skincare brand, DermaQuest! Their ‘Pumpkin Resurfacer’ advanced peel treatment will leave you (or your future clients) happier than a Jack-o-Lantern. “Excellent for age management, acne and hyperpigmentation, this treatment uses acids and pumpkin pulp to create a very strong heat response on the skin,” explains DermaQuest Official. The formulation not only feels warm and toasty, but helps to improve skin hydration and even out skin tone by lightening any areas of hyperpigmentation.
DermaQuest is one of the industry-leading brands students get to use at IBI

DermaQuest is one of the industry-leading brands IBI students can use

Like most DermaQuest products, their pumpkin peel is best performed by a professional spa therapist in a series of 30-minute treatments scheduled approximately 1-2 weeks apart. It’s also important for any client considering this fall facial to have a (pumpkin) patch test performed at least 72 hours before the actual peel is performed. In spa therapist training, you’ll learn how these simple safety protocols are important for preventing unsavoury results.

2. Recommend Dermalogica Facials after Spa Therapy Training

Just like you can always count on fall returning after summer’s end, skin care experts everywhere rely on the quality of a Dermalogica facial! Known as one of the highest quality products on the market it’s perfect for every client. Dermalogica’s skin mapping technique is unique and truly sets it apart from other spa fall favourites. The technique enables a swift diagnosis of a client’s problem areas and skin type, and has customizable treatments. A customized facial is perfect for both you and your future clients as it provides the skin with exactly what it needs. After a Dermalogica customized facial completed expertly by you, your client’s skin will be picture-perfect ready for any fall photo-ops!

3. You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic Glycolic Facial Treatment in Fall

As graduates of any good spa therapy course know, glycolic facial treatments are a tried-and-trusted way to keep clients’ faces looking youthful and healthy. A simple glycolic peel can get any face looking like it’s ready for the ‘back to school’ season, even for clients whose student days are far behind them. And for those still with naturally youthful skin, glycolic peels can protect their skin from aging effects. A fruity acid derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is no trick and all treat. Applied to the surface of the skin by a spa therapist professional, this sweet treatment can wipe the skin of the imperfections on its top layer, like acne, wrinkles, and unevenness—and have clients ready to step out into the crisp autumn air within just 15 minutes.
An IBI medical aesthetics class gives IBI make-up diploma students glycolic peels!

An IBI medical aesthetics class gives IBI make-up diploma students glycolic peels!

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