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social-media-mobile-icons-snapchat-facebook-instagram-ss-800x450-3-800x450 We are so lucky to live in an age where we can shout out to the world “Hey look what I can do!” with confidence and pride in our talents. Social Media outlets are the best way to showcase our efforts in our profession, give a glimpse of who we are as people and put a face to our growing businesses. Instagram is my favourite by far! I know I am not the only one who can sit there for a good hour and just scroll through endless images and videos that cater to my own interests and needs, and maybe a few memes that make me literally LOL. Facebook now is such a great tool for insightful information. It isn’t just about finding your old high school friends or that neighbour’s kid you knew 20 years ago. The articles, videos and quick links to external sites are a wonderful way to expand your knowledge, for free! So, what if you are just starting out in the beauty industry and want to use these tools for your business? Here are a few simple tips on making sure you showcase your very best work and attract the audience you need to translate social media into dollars.


If you didn’t know, hashtags are actually used to generate a topic of interest. So let’s say that you use these hastags –#microblading, #makeup or #medicalaesthetics– other people using these tags or searching for these topics will now be able to see what you just posted. Using the same hastags all the time is a great way to stay connected to that community of topics. It will also help people to get to know you and engage you as you keep posting and hastagging the things they like. Here’s one you really need to be careful of- there are no spaces in hashtags! They need to be one fluid word connected to the #hashtag. The only space should be between different hashtags. I’m sure someone is reading this and saying, umm ya we know! It happens though, I see it all the time. Okay last one and a very handy tip. Save your hashtags in your phone so you can copy and paste it for future posts :)) medical aesthetics courses

Likes & Comments

These are a very important part of getting noticed! Every time you like or comment on a post, your name is out there for anyone else looking at that very same post. Now you are visible as a link for someone to click on your account. Maybe what you post interests them and voila! A new follower!

Public Profile

This one is really important for your business. If you have a personal account, I would suggest starting a separate account for your business. This should be a public account so potential followers can easily access your images and follow you right on the spot. Everyone is a potential client or customer, so don’t miss out on the business!

beauty edit 2

The Post

Equally, if not more important than the last. Not every picture or video is post worthy. You know this I’m sure from having that feeling when you see others post things that aren’t that great. So here’s my advice to you- before you even begin whatever it is you are posting, imagine you want the world to see it. This means doing everything to the best of your ability from makeup applications to skincare services or even product or branding shots. (This one’s going to get lengthy, stick around it will be helpful.) Video Loops- Personal fave! Apps like boomerang help people stare at a post longer than an average photo without the committal time of some videos. Plus, they are a fun and quirky way of posting! Photo Edits- Do not over edit-repeat, DO. NOT. OVER. EDIT! This will ruin your photo and any credibility of your talents! Blurring or smoothing skin can be very detrimental to the message you are putting out. Think back to what I said earlier. Before you begin, imagine you want the world to see this. Your work should be clear, precise and taken on an angle that flatters the subject. Videos- These can be much more engaging than the loops and photos if done correctly. Be sure not to have anything in the frame that doesn’t pertain to your topic, for example: Starbucks or Tim Horton’s cups. SMH, I cringe when I see that! Text and Advertising- This one is tricky because you want to say “Hey, I have a promo” or “Check this out, it’s only for a limited time” however, these words should not be in your post. The post is to engage the audience on the topic and if interested, they will read the content you write below. Busy and overfilled posts will likely deter your audience from being interested. Tagging- If you can, tag in almost every post! This refers to the product, brand or business you feel your post is affiliated with. If they like what you posted, they may repost it to their account for all their hundreds or thousands of followers to see, pretty cool eh? Now to go back again to the importance of posting only what is post worthy. Be confident in your skills. Know what you do is done with all of your talents. Remember that you learned your abilities at a top beauty school who taught you how to rise above your competition. Be number one in your field! At IBI we encourage our students to utilize social media during practical time and have instructors who are strong at their social media game to help you with all of these tips and tricks. We welcome tagging us so we can repost your very best talents and say to the world “We are proud of their work too”!

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