Lashes are everywhere! What once seemed like a special event luxury, is now seen everyday. It is an ever growing field, which makes it a perfect time to consider an
eyelash extension course. Being a lash technician can provide you with a skillset that will help keep you employed and happy! There are many benefits to being an Eyelash Extensions Technician. If you ever thought about attending a beauty college for lashes, here are our top 4 benefits to consider when asking yourself “should I learn eyelash extensions?”


One of the greatest benefits of being a lash technician is a flexible schedule. You are your own boss! Once you have gone through your eyelash extension training and are certified, you get to decide when and where you schedule appointments. If you hate Mondays, no problem! You can take them off. This is especially convenient for mothers who need to work amongst other obligations. The choice of how much you make is ultimately up to you, the eyelash extensions technician.


Say goodbye to your commute. Eyelash extension training can give you the opportunity to work from your home if you choose to do so. This will help cut down on expensive overhead costs. Many lash technicians opt to keep work separate from home by renting salon space. However, this is all based on preference and you get to decide which method works best for you. This just shows the many options you have as a lash technician. If you do choose to go the route of working from home, it is important to have a dedicated space for your clients. Your clients need to feel comfortable and forget that they are in your home.


Attending beauty college to become a lash artist brings upon a fulfilling career. The exciting work life will make the hours fly by as you will always be working and socializing with new clients. In many cases your clients become like your friends. You get to chat and build kinships with more people than you might imagine. In addition, as a lash technician you have the opportunity to connect with other lash artists or network through a hip work environment. The online lash community is a generous, information-sharing bunch. Many of the top lash industry leaders share their industry tips and share info for beginners. From marketing, to getting more clients, the lash industry helps each other! This means you won’t have to sit alone in a boring cubicle and you can have a job you can look forward to. You will also have the opportunity to expand your network through social media. 


Taking an eyelash extension course is a short term commitment and it does not cost much in comparison to a “traditional” education and career path. Your first lash course will take you 1-2 days to complete, and about one month (or 10 models) in practice before you start taking on paying clients. By saving 4 years in schooling, you can invest that time you save into growing your lash business and related skill sets instead (i.e. marketing, branding, business skills). How much time does it take to become a skilled lash artist and build a clientele? Expect it to take 1 year to build your lash business up to a steady income of $40-$50k after you become a certified lash technician. We do recommend having a financial cushion, when transitioning to the lash industry, or maintain a part-time job for stability while you grow your clientele. Because you’re not spending heaps of money on long-winded, theoretical (sometimes unrelated) university courses, you can strategically reinvest your time in learning marketing and brand-building skills. Your learning is self-directed, and hands on, and targeted on growing your clientele, your brand, and your wealth. For tips and resources on how to build a brand, here’s an Instagram Live episode we did, packed with actionable tips: How to Build and Authentic Brand

With the eyelash extension world being such a booming industry, you can expect to be rewarded for your hard work. A skilled and well-marketed lash technician can make on average $50,000 per year, or $25.64/hr when you also factor in time spent advertising and marketing. With experience and a strong clientele, you have the ability to expand and profit even more in the coming years. You can also consider entering the lash industry with the intention to grow and scale a business. You can also anticipate that more lash studios (like nail salons) will pop up, as the lash industry continues to grow. It’s never been a better time to become a lash extensions technician

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I went to the International Beauty Institute and graduated last year from the Medical Aesthetics Diploma. I went to quite a few schools and attended interviews and information sessions, IBI being one of them…and I can safely say, I picked the right school!!! The staff are extremely polite, and helpful. It’s a fun-loving environment with the education you want! I had some of the best teachers, very knowledgeable and willing to go out of their way to help you out. I successfully opened a Med Spa since attending this school, and they helped guide me through the process! Thank you guys for everything you’ve done, couldn’t thank you all enough! Definitely the best choice I made!!
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