Sorting Out All Your Knots When You Become a Spa Therapist

By: Annelise Vintila 

African-american woman enjoying anti aging facial massage in spa salon

I recently returned to Canada from spending a year abroad in Europe and started a job three days after coming back because of my over-glooming debt. A week after working and spending 50 hours on my feet, I noticed my body shut down by becoming incredibly tense and I began having severe migraines. I booked an appointment at the spa in my town with a medical spa therapist my sister recommended and was a bit nervous for the pain. I walked in for my appointment and met with my medical spa therapist who reassured me that I was in control of the hour-long Swedish massage I was going to receive by letting her know a comfortable pressure she should use on my body.

Energy Talks When You Become a Spa Therapist

Carolyn, we’ll call her, started using very soft force at first, continuously cranking the strength until I was satisfied with the pressure. I expressed to her that my body has been wonderful to me in the last year keeping me healthy and standing up even when I wouldn’t feed it properly and would walk 20 kilometres a day, and I wanted to reward it with a massage that would release all the tension. Carolyn said that she decided to become a spa therapist because she loved the satisfaction she saw in clients’ eyes when they left the spa and wanted to get her diploma to forward that feeling to others. She also mentioned that in the beginning a large number of students in her class had a problem with the spa therapy courses because they didn’t understand that a spa therapist will exchange energy with their clients when massaging them and they had a hard time adjusting to their own loss of their aura. I found this extremely interesting because I always thought that a massage therapist’s job is simply physical, but the mental and spiritual aspect is much more important. Just like every other job, a professional needs to maintain a business-like demeanour in front of all customers and clients, but for a medical spa therapist with a medical spa diploma it is crucial as it can affect their life outside of their shift.

African-american woman enjoying shoulder massage, lying with closed eyes in spa center

Spa therapists help their clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated

Release Your Tensions (Till Your Next Appointment)

Carolyn was phenomenal as she sorted out all my knots and released all my physical tension; I felt like I can shape my body into a pretzel and levitate things with my mind. I felt really lucky because in the past I have gone to massages and left leaving more tense than entering my appointment as my spa therapist didn’t truly understand the sore parts in my body. Carolyn served as my educator that day because she made me understand how important the exchange of energy is when a massage is performed. You can have a mediocre massage from a professional massage therapist with low energy, or you can have a phenomenal massage from a licensed medical spa therapist with high energy that truly loves when their clients leave fully satisfied.

Detail of hands massaging human calf muscle.Therapist applying pressure on female leg.

A good massage can help release physical tension

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