The Only Things That Should Be Felt Forever is Self-Love, Not A Regrettable Tattoo

By: Annelise Vintila 

Some things shouldn’t last forever: the perm you had in high school, the cool slogan you borrowed from watching re-runs of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and your tattoo that you got to impress your crush. 2021 is a year of embracing and truly experiencing change, and we’re here to help you remove that tattoo that you just completely outgrew.

International Beauty Institute offers the certified Laser Tattoo Removal Certificate that explores all the aspects behind the dermal art form. We teach you how to safely and efficiently remove the desired tattoo from your client’s body with maximum comfort. 

Celebrate your body without having the small twinge of tattoo regret at the back of your mind.

Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Have to be Painful!

The art of tattoo removal dates back to 543 AD, when Greek Physician Aetius tried removing his tattoo by using table salt and a whole lot of forceful scrubbing. Ouch. Removing your tattoo doesn’t have to involve discomfort. Laser tattoo removal has enabled safe and efficient tattoo removal. 

The good news? The chemical makeup of tattooing hasn’t changed drastically since it made its social debut thousands of years ago. They still consist of hundreds of small pigments of permanent ink blended together to create your perfect vision. Whether you regret getting your tattoo or want to make space for something more meaningful, we can educate you on the art of tattoo removal.

The success of your laser tattoo removal is dependant on the size, depth, the particular ink, age and varying different factors. The way that Q-Switched lasers function is through targeting your tattoo with extremely short pulses; these short pulses allow the breakdown in your tattoo and allows your body to break them down over time. 

Celebrating Unique Skin with our Laser Tattoo Removal Certificate

You don’t have to worry about a grey blob replacing your old tattoo. We teach you laser techniques that will leave a fresh empty canvas that can be used for your next tattooed artwork (or your skin if you no longer wish to have tattoos).

Your clients will need to feel safe in the comfort of your hands; after all, they are trusting you with removing permanent artwork from their bodies. Our certificate will cover Q-Switched laser lessons encompassing:

➥ Sanitation and safety

➥ Laser-tissue interactions

➥ Types of tattoo removal lasers

➥ Client consultations

➥ Pre and post-treatment protocols

➥ Treatment pricing

➥ Laser tattoo removal using the Ascleion Tattoo Star

➥ Treatment follow-ups and treatment parameters

Our Laser Tattoo Removal Certificate is the best way to ensure that you get trained by industry-leading instructors. Safely removing your clients’ tattoos will create a trusting bond between you, and will increase create loyal customers that generate business.


Learn Industry-Leading Tattoo Removal Techniques With Our Certified Instructors!

When it comes to tattoo removal, you want to get treated by certified experts. International Beauty Institute offers the comprehensive Laser Tattoo Removal Certificate across the GTA to teach you a range of safe and effective laser-removal techniques.

Contact us here today to enroll in your certificate with one of our professional instructors!


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