Volume Eyelash Extensions: Extending Your Confidence with an Eyelash Extensions Course

By Annelise Vintila 

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I am a huge supporter of ‘easy beauty’ meaning beauty that doesn’t require a lot of effort; a little mascara here, a little concealer there and you’re set. I admire a full done-up face because a lot of effort has been put in that perfect winged liner or that flawless cheekbone contour, but prefer a less heavy look to get me through the day.


The biggest features I always try to flaunt are my eyes and lashes, as they can really affect your self-confidence if they are not spotlighted properly. I have recently discovered eyelash extensions when I was in several wedding parties over the last three years, and I have become absolutely obsessed with their voluminous, flirty and easy look.


How an Eyelash Extensions Course Helps You Get the Lash You Want


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2D, 3D and 4D lashes can each give you different spins on eyelash extensions


Whenever I get my lashes professionally extended, I always go for the most voluminous and rich outcome because the fuller I get them the longer they last. Voluminous lashes also transport me into the 1960s when bolder was better and Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardot ruled the beauty biz. There are many types of lashes that can be applied, including 2D, 3D and 4D lashes with the Lash Cat ultra-thin extensions. With the proper training from an eyelash extensions course at IBI, a lash technician can accommodate any type of lash style you like. 2D is the most natural form of eyelash extension, and an everyday natural flawless look, while the 3D is a more voluminous but not overwhelming look and the 4D (the one I ALWAYS go for) is the most glamorous and luxurious look with the most amount of lashes on each lash. IBI also offers courses in advanced eyelash mapping theory, creating both volume and hybrid looks, corrective techniques for lash gaps and directional issues and access to instructor feedback and support through an online support community. The more equipped a lash technician is in their profession, the more experienced they can be in discussing and communicating the best needs for their individual clients. 


It’s Finding the Lash That Works Best for You 

Whether you like to wake up and go with a very natural appearance, or like to get dolled up like the highest of movie stars, lash extensions are always a good way to showcase your eyes. A 2D lash can be just as empowering as a 4D cat-eye lash, if you feel confident in your skin and ready to take on the day. A cat-eye for me, means that I feel more aesthetically appealing and it immediately increases my confidence from day-to-day. Though lash extensions can vary anywhere from $100-$350 depending on how full you want your set to be, it is well worth the investment, as they last anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. Lash extensions from a great lash technician who has done their professional eyelash extensions training can really shape how you view yourself in a more positive light, and IBI offers great sources and licensed professionals to give you the exact look you want to feel your best.

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Lash extensions vary in price, but it’s an investment that lasts 4 to 6 weeks


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