Waxing Hair Removal and How It Elevates Self-Confidence After Medical Aesthetics Training 

By Annelise Vintila 

Making wax depilation. Professional wearing white jacket and gloves making wax depilation for client

Ever since I moved back from Ireland, I have been restless in staying in one place. While most of my friends are settling down by getting married and/or getting their career set, I am an extremely motivated female leader who is looking to embark on a tree-planting experience. I fully understand the hardships and negative factors, such as fickle weather, wet sleeping conditions and bugs, and that just fuels me to work through those elements to strengthen myself physically and mentally.

I have never done anything like this before, apart from being a camp counselor, but I am ready to embrace this experience with open arms. I have approximately two months to prepare as I leave for 3 months in the wild outwest of upper British Columbia, and for me that means that I have to get into a beauty routine that can outlast even the harshest weather.

Medical Aesthetics Courses: The Good, The Bad and The Research 

I grew up being a hardcore tomboy so the mud, bugs, hail and tough weather conditions won’t bother me; the one factor I am nervous about is my body hair. In Toronto, I get waxed approximately every 4 to 6 weeks to remove unwanted body hair, however when I’m tree planting I will not get to receive that luxury. I have been researching IBI for the last year and a half, and it is by far the best institute to further my body hair/body waxing learning. They offer medical aesthetics courses in which you can better understand your individual skin diseases and disorders, types of hair growth and abnormal conditions, and bacteriology, sanitation, and sterilization.

hand holding small tree for planting. concept green world

Spending 3 months planting trees means making a different beauty routine

Understanding where my hair roots from will help me get rid of it better when I do not have the proper tools in the wild for three months. It is also crucial for me to understand the proper sanitation when I wax my own body as sometimes it can get infected if not done properly. Though my biggest competitor fighting against me will be the physical and mental endurance, body hair ranks up there as it makes me feel uncomfortable and not feminine.

Nothing Can Stop Me Now! (Except Body Hair) 

I have the ambition, patience and determination to make as much money as possible so that I can continue to travel the world for further elevating experiences. I understand that tree planting is not to be taken lightly, and I would not submit an application if I had not given serious consideration to the unforgiving hours, pushing beyond exhausting physical limits and the resulting lifestyle changes required for success.

Women hold orange paraffin wax bowl. Woman in beauty salon.

IBI’s medical aesthetics courses can help you better understand body hair and waxing

Though I am embarking on a hard journey, and most likely life-changing, I do not want to let my body hair slow me down. With the help of IBI’s medical aesthetics training, I want to enter this new experience with new eyes and have as much confidence in the way I look and perform so I can make the most out of it; at the end of the day you can endure as many outer hardships as you can handle but your biggest competitor will always be how you view yourself.  

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