A woman Getting Her Nails Done
A Woman Getting Her Nails Done

Acrylic Nails Certificate in Hamilton

Learn the fundamentals of shaping and sculpting acrylic nails. French tips and ombre included. 

Course Introduction and Objective

  • Acrylic shaping 
  • Acrylic sculpting 
  • Tips, extensions and nail forms 
  • Proper tip application 
  • Tip shaping techniques 
  • Liquid to powder ratio 
  • File finishing  
  • Refills 
  • Modern nail art and design  


    • White nail sculpting powder
    • Clear nail sculpting powder
    • Pink nail sculpting powder
    • Glass dappen dish
    • Non-acid primer
    • Nail sculpting liquid
    • Kolinsky brush
    • Nail files
    • Nail buffers