Dermapen Workshop

Course Introduction and Objective

Students will learn how to perform a thorough consultation and treatment on clients for this advanced microneedling treatment. Students will learn in-depth theory on indications and contradictions for the treatment, proper depth of needles for skin conditions and post treatment care. Course Description

Theory (Lecture) and Practical (Clinic)

• Sanitation and Safety
• Dermapen Overview
• Indications for the Treatment
• Depth of Needling for Different Skin Conditions
• Frequency of Treatments
• Contraindications for the Treatment
• Client Consultations
• Pre and Post Treatment Protocols
• Performing a Dermapen Treatment on a Client (model required)
• Home Care Course includes one reusable Dermapen and 10 disposable needle tips

Total cost of course: $450

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A very interesting and valuable experience. I learnt a lot and my Instructor was always ready to answer my questions. By the end of my course and clinical internship, I had a lot of experience and I liked how it enabled me to interact with all kinds of clients through the practical work.
Sandra – Medical Aesthetics Diploma Graduate
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