Graduates of Makeup Artist Training And Their Canvas

By: Annelise Vintila 

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Makeup artists are called ‘artists’ for a reason; they are able to evaluate a person’s visage and contour and elevate their features to look like the best version of themselves. A makeup artist sees a client’s face as a blank canvas where they can create their best piece of art and to transform their client into a masterpiece. Makeup routines have been changed and transformed over thousands over years; the Romans used to wear crushed berries as a lip stain whereas modern times have over hundreds of modified lip shades for whatever mood you’re in. Makeup serves as a platform for an elevation of your best self, even when you don’t love to appreciate yourself internally.

Makeup Artist Training Is Crucial

Each individual’s makeup routine is a reflection of their self-expression, whether you choose to keep it simple and just apply moisturizer or apply a face full of makeup. A makeup artist’s objective is to understand their client’s needs and insecurities about their face, and ensure that their training is sufficient to answer all of their clients’ questions and concerns. Makeup school and makeup artistry courses teach in areas such as assessing and cleansing the skin, face, eye and lip shapes, brow shaping and filling and the history of makeup. A makeup artist not only has the power to transform other people’s attitude about themselves, but they also transform themselves in the process; by helping others reach their full potential, they also become self-fulfilled. The morning of a wedding, the bride can be a complete wreck but once her makeup is done to the nines and she looks fabulous, her whole attitude changes. A professional with makeup artist training has the power to transform a person’s outlook internally and externally.

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Makeup artists help their clients feel beautiful inside and out

The More You Love What You’re Doing, The More It Shows In Your Work

The best people in their fields are the ones that truly love and have a passion for what they are doing. The man making your sub sandwich at Subway will pile on more toppings on your sandwich because he loves food, or the TTC attendant will more likely say ‘Hello’ to you if he truly is enjoying watching commuters on their way to work. A qualified makeup artist will enlighten their client’s attitude if they themselves are confident in their makeup abilities. A makeup artist adjusts to each canvas they are going to be working on, like a true artist. Some canvas’ will need a little more work, some canvas’ are going to be harder to paint on and some canvas’ are going to be super easy; the goal of the artist is to always reveal the potential of its muse.

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Top makeup artists have a passion for what they do

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