International Beauty Institute Instructors
International Beauty Institute Instructors

International Students Admissions


The International Beauty Institute offers an exceptional education that can be applied worldwide. All paperwork should be completed before submission and your FULL LEGAL NAME must be present on all applicable paperwork. Please remember to print clearly and make a photocopy of the finished documents for your records. We urge all interested applicants to be well informed about the new regulations implemented by the Government of Canada. Please visit: 

You can e-mail [email protected] for more information. 

**A study permit is not needed if you would like to take a short-term program of study of six months or less.**

International Student Application Requirements:

1. International Student Application for Admissions

Your file will be opened after the following items have been completed in full and received in the original/scanned and e-mailed/faxed version:

    a) The applicant should have a Grade 12 Diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate

    b) The applicant must complete the International Student APPLICATION FORM

    c) Provide a copy of a photo ID – passport front page is preferable

    d) The applicant must provide photocopied proof of the highest academic level (certificate, diploma, or degree as well as their academic transcript). All academic documents must be notarized or certified English translations.

    e) Basic Proficiency in English as all of our courses are delivered exclusively in English. You must have proof of IELTS Assessment to prove your English level with a score of 4.5 or higher. Please visit for additional information on available centres worldwide.

    f) CDN $500 non-refundable International Student Application fee.

    2. Fees

    Non-refundable Admission Fee: All new students admitted to International Beauty Institute, including international students, are required to pay a one-time CDN $500 Application Fee. This fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived. 

    Your application for admission will not be reviewed until we have received your CDN $500 non-refundable Application Fee. The non-refundable application fee should be submitted in the form of a credit card payment, an international money order or a cheque drawn on a Canadian bank, made payable to International Beauty Institute in the amount of CDN $500. Print your full legal name and birth date on your check or money order. 

    *Assistance with the International Student Application program is available (additional administration fees apply), please contact our office to be referred for assistance if required. 1.905.624.2700

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