How to Give a Flawless Facial: 5 Steps Taught in Medical Aesthetics Courses

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The skin is living organ, so managing and maximizing its health is done best by medical aesthetic professionals! If you become one, you’ll be able to offer relaxing and effective beauty treatments to boost the health and confidence of women near you. Every day, women face the world with blemishes, blackheads, and broken capillaries—which you can eliminate with the right treatments and techniques. That’s why medical aesthetics offer rewarding career paths for anyone looking to make the world a more beautiful place. At International Beauty Institute (IBI), our medical aesthetics students learn to perform facials that are truly flawless. Ready to try for yourself? Check out the 5 steps followed by today’s professionals.

1. Using Skin-Typing Skills Learned in Medical Aesthetics School

You already know that every face is different—in school, you’ll learn to treat them as individuals with customized skin consultations and treatment plans. Every great facial begins with a one-on-one consultation between technician and client. When you go pro, you’ll find yourself checking over the client’s skin for imperfections, asking them about their at-home skincare procedure, and determining which treatments and products would be most comfortable and effective for them to try.
IBI medical aesthetics students conduct skincare consultations at our Mississauga clinic

IBI medical aesthetics students conduct skincare consultations at our Mississauga clinic

2. Cleaning & Cleansing the Skin in Preparation for Your Flawless Facial

It’s important to begin with a completely clean canvas. Ensure your client—or friend, if you haven’t started your medical aesthetics courses yet—has a face free from makeup, moisturizer, and more. At IBI, our students use spa-quality cleansers on cloth or cotton wool to ensure no oil or makeup residue is left on any part of the face before they apply any additional products, and use gloves to establish an especially sterile workspace.

3. Using Medical Aesthetics Training to Safely Exfoliate or Peel the Face

Exfoliation helps to unblock pores and get rid of any dead cells on the skin’s surface. In your training, you’ll learn about cell turnover (the natural cycle of skin cell regeneration) and how to effectively assess the state of a client’s surface skin. If a client wants, you can also choose to perform advanced peel procedures at this stage instead of exfoliation. For example, a glycolic peel uses safe amounts of salicylic and lactic acid to expunge the skin of any deep-lodged impurities. In the hands of a medical esthetics school graduate, this can be the step of a facial that makes the deepest difference in a client’s skin health.
An IBI student goes deep by applying a glycolic peel in our medical aesthetics clinic

An IBI student goes deep by applying a glycolic peel in our medical aesthetics clinic

4. Applying the Right Facial Mask with Medical Aesthetics Training Skills

Face masks are best applied by first steaming the face, which boosts circulation and softens the skin so products can sink in more easily.  Then it’s time to choose a mask of the appropriate formulation for a client’s skincare needs. In the right training program you’ll get your hands on state-of-the-art products from industry-leading brands like DermaQuest and Dermalogica. Of Canada’s 150 certified Dermalogica Experts, two of them are involved with our programs at IBI. The best instructors will help you learn to choose and use the ideal face masks on your future clients.

5. Gently Toning & Moisturizing to Finish Facials Right!

After a face mask has set, it’s time to rinse it off and wipe the face clean again so you can add your finishing touches! To lock in moisture and soothe the skin after the workout it’s just endured, give it some love with a high-quality toner. From forehead to chin, massage professional-grade skin toner into your client’s skin, taking care to use only particularly gentle eye creams, toners, or moisturizers around the eye area. And you’re done! A perfect facial for any skin type. Now all you need is the right certification to tackle these healing treatments full-time!

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I came to the International Beauty Institute 3 years ago. I needed to do something different in my life beside shift work. I was very nervous about coming back to school, since I been out for a long time. When I came for a tour, I was very happy with what I saw, the class sizes were small, and that made me feel more comfortable. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, I felt like I was part of an IBI family. I ended up getting a full time job, where I’m very happy. I have no regrets, with the choices I have made, by picking IBI. It was the best experience in my life, thank you everyone at IBI!! If you are thinking about becoming a Medical Aesthetician, don’t hesitate to visit IBI!
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