5 Reasons to Take an Eyelash Extension Certification Course

Madeline Lenz

It’s no secret that the lash extension business has boomed over the past couple of decades. Head to any mall, and you’re bound to see people with voluminous eyelashes radiating effortless confidence and flair. Available in an array of different lengths and styles, lash extensions have become widely popular for their glamour and convenience, allowing women to wake up feeling polished and put together. 

The in-demand service of professional lash extensions might be just the service that you need to offer. Here’s why:

1. Become a self-employed Lash Technician

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Being a lash extension technician allows you to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream. Having your own business means you can have a flexible schedule, so if you want to do lash extensions part-time, or work around your child’s busy soccer schedule, you absolutely can. Work-from-home opportunities are a popular choice for lash techs, with many using a spare room in their home or basement to transform into a lash studio. Alternatively, renting a room in an existing salon, spa, or office is another viable option for building a lash business. Having control over your company means you have the freedom to set your pricing, choose your supplies and manifest your dream business aesthetic.


2. Gain experience in a skilled trade

While most people think of skilled trade jobs such as carpentry and welding, aesthetic services are also a form of trade work. Becoming a lash artist allows you to practice an artistic skill set you can take along for the rest of your life, meaning that even years down the road, the skills you learn may give you an edge when applying for new career opportunities. A medical aesthetic spa might be delighted to see that you are a trained lash technician and would love to add the service to their treatment menu.Individuals who put care into detailed oriented work tend to excel at lash artistry, as their keen eye for creativity and precise handwork allows them to create beautiful lash extension applications.

3. Work one-on-one with clients

Unlike a fast-paced retail store or stressful office, working as a lash artist allows you to spend a great deal of time working one-on-one with your clients. The atmosphere of a lash studio is often aesthetically pleasing, calming and inviting – allowing clients to feel relaxed and comfortable (and you as well – bonus!). Having one-on-one visits with your clients lets you build meaningful relationships, turning them into long-term, loyal clientele. When your clients love you and your work, their word of mouth will bring new clientele and business your way.

4. Make your Clients Feel Good About Themselves

What makes being a lash artist so rewarding is how you can make people feel. Beautiful lashes are guaranteed to transform a person’s eyes, but they will also transform their self-confidence. Enhancing your client’s natural beauty with lash extensions will make their eyes appear more defined and open. This is an excellent service for busy moms who don’t have the time to apply a full face of makeup every morning; they will love looking in the car mirror at the school drop-off, feeling put together and awake.For those that have sparse, short, or fair natural lashes, lash extensions can be a great way to give their eyes an extra boost. When you see a client walk out smiling and feeling confident after a lash appointment, you can’t help but feel great too!

5. Earn A Good Income

You might be wondering, “how much do lash techs make?”. Offering luxury services means setting luxury prices. The precision, care and time that goes into lash artistry is deserving of good pay, and the high demand and flawless outcome can bring in a great deal of income. A self-employed lash technician’s salary can reach upwards of $138,000 per year. This calculation is using the average industry rates and based on if you did hybrid lash sets and performed lashes on 2 new clients a day, 2 infills a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Pricing your eyelash extension services will depend on factors such as your level of expertise, which styles and materials you offer, and where your lash studio is located. A full set of professional lash extensions can cost between $80 – $200+, allowing you to earn back your money spent on courses and materials rather quickly.

eyelash extension price list

Source: Iko, Asako, “How Much do Eyelash Extensions Cost [Case Study].” 2021.

The more practice you have, and the quicker you can finish your appointments, the more clients you can schedule each day and the more money you’ll make. And remember, once your client has had their lashes for a couple of weeks, they will have to return for a fill (which commonly takes about half the time and costs about half the price). Long-term clients will bring in steady, reliable income, and having your work on their faces is like having walking advertisements – if someone loves their lashes, they are likely to ask where they got them done. 

Whether you plan to start your own lash business or work for someone else, lash extension training is a great certificate to add to your resume. Not only will it be a lucrative venture with entrepreneurial possibilities, but lifting the moods of others and building client relationships will be highly fulfilling.

Where Can I do an Eyelash Extension Certification Course?

Ready to start your career as a professional lash artist? International Beauty Institute offers online eyelash extension courses! In-person classes are also available at our Mississauga/EtobicokeHamilton and Toronto/North York campuses.

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