Attending Beauty College? Here Are 3 Face Shapes & the Eyebrows that Match Them!

A one-size-fits-all approach to eyebrows often isn’t the best option for clients with different face shapes

A one-size-fits-all approach to eyebrows often isn’t the best option for clients with different face shapes

The aesthetic benefits of getting eyebrows under control are undeniable, but it’s so important to do it right. The wrong style of eyebrow can accentuate the wrong features of a particular face shape, and keep a person’s face from reaching its full potential. There are several face shapes out there, including the following:
  • “Round” faces, which are about as wide as they are long, and widest at the cheeks.
  • “Long” or “oblong” faces, which have the same narrow width for the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.
  • “Square” faces, which also have similar widths for forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, but are wider and shorter than oblong faces.
  • “Diamond” faces, which are widest around the cheekbones, and typically have a narrow chin.
  • “Oval” faces, which are not too wide or too long, with no portion that is much wider or narrower.
  • “Heart-shaped” faces, which are similar to an oval face, but with a pointed chin.
Need a little help figuring out what brow style works best for these different shapes? Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you know what will look best for some of the faces that will end up coming your way after graduation.

After Beauty College, Keep Brows Softly Angled On Oval Faces

Since oval faces don’t have a particular portion that is noticeably wider or narrower, there’s no need to use eyebrow shape to balance the overall appearance of the face. You can just go ahead and shape the brows so that they rise slightly in the middle, to a soft angle, and then drop back down again on the other side. Different programs at IBI teach different skills that can help with making eyebrows look perfect. Depending on what you study, you may learn to use threading or waxing to get rid of whatever stray hairs are standing in the way of a clean, perfect arch. Or, if you study microblading, you could even learn to draw in the perfect arch yourself. No matter which program you decide to pursue, or what techniques you learn, steady hands and an eye for symmetry will help you nail this look and deliver perfect brows for your oval-faced clients.

Make Long Faces Look Shorter By Styling Brows Into a Straight Line

Giving brows on a long face too much of an arch will make it look even longer. Instead, you’ll want to put your skills to use by removing most of the arch altogether. The closer you can get to a horizontal line, the better the eyebrow shape will suit your future client’s face shape. Thin is not in, so it’s important to make brows look nice and full. If you study makeup artistry training, you’ll learn to use pencils to help fill brows in a little bit. Or, if you elect to take an eyebrow microblading course, you will master the ability to use natural-looking semi-permanent strokes to fill out thin eyebrows. This will help give your client full-looking brows with minimal upkeep to boot—not a bad deal at all!
Make brows straight and full when working on long faces

Make brows straight and full when working on long faces

Beauty College Training Will Help You Use Curved Brows to Soften Diamond Faces

Diamond faces often have more dramatic angles, and so you’ll want to soften those out when styling their brows. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get this done. Shape the brows into sharp, high arcs to do a great job of taking a bit of emphasis off of angular facial features. Alternatively, you can use rounded brows to make the width of the forehead look more balanced with the face’s wider cheeks. During your training at beauty college, you might get to work on a few different diamond faces. If your clients are game, you should try out different styles (on different people!) and see for yourself how the different approaches compare. A little practice will help you figure out what works best, and give you the confidence you need to make that kind of call in your career. Different faces need different kinds of love, so be sure to take facial angles and overall length into account when styling brows. Practicing your skills on different face shapes, and using great tools like microblading, can help you find success in your career in the beauty industry. Do you want to master threading, eyebrow re-shaping, or waxing—or maybe even get a microblading certificate in Mississauga? Contact International Beauty Institute to learn more about our programs!

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