Eyebrow Microblading Training VS. Eyebrow Tattooing

By: Annelise Vintila 

Cosmetologist Applying Permanent Make Up On Woman's Eyebrows In Beauty Spa

I had a rebel goth phase when I turned 13, and like most teenagers, I thought this was the stage of my life where I was indestructible. I wore my studded belt like a choker, wore the same ‘Silverstein’ charcoal sweater every day to class and wanted to shave off my eyebrows and get them tattooed on my face like Bif Naked. Adult Annelise thanks Teenage Annelise for keeping her eyebrows au naturel, though eyebrow tattooing will always fascinate me. When I realized I can’t be a goth for the rest of my life, I began researching eyebrow trends that would shape my Balkan caterpillars and stumbled upon microblading.

Devil Is In The Details

Initially I thought the Bif Naked trend was coming back in style; the shaved and the tattooed eyebrows that stand out in a crowd. As I immersed myself into the subject, I looked at microblading courses and realized there is a very big distinction between eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow microblading. Where eyebrow tattooing penetrates the epidermis, eyebrow microblading takes place on the surface of the skin; eyebrow tattooing is a permanent procedure while eyebrow microblading is a temporary procedure lasting 12 to 18 months. The eyebrow microblading sessions last anywhere from six to eight weeks, in which the microblading professional can assess and gauge your perfect eyebrow style. A microblading expert must have a diploma in eyebrow microblading training including demonstrations, sanitation and safety, shading blade selection and pricing and touch ups. While there are some rules to obey the day of your microblading session like no exercising, no tweezing or plucking a week prior and no alcohol 48 hours before the session, no aspirin, and no botox (for obvious reasons), microblading is a well worth procedure. The microblading option appears much more natural on the skin rather than the harsher effects of the eyebrow tattooing. It’s crucial to consult a professional as they can pick out the perfect shade and contour matching your eyebrows for a flawless look. Professionals with microblading training can help their clients through their most detailed questions and their most intense worries, all while performing a routine microblading procedure.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful woman with thick brows in beauty salon. Closeup beautician doing tattooing eyebrow.
A microblading professional helps their clients get the perfect arch to their eyebrows

Eyebrow Excellence Elevated With the Help of Microblading Training

While there is a distinct difference between eyebrow tattooing and microblading, both procedures aim to improve an individual’s self-esteem. Eyebrow tattooing is permanent and appears more drastic, while eyebrow microblading offers a more natural and softer look. Microblading helps clients of all different ranges, from those who cannot grow hair to those who have light to non-visible eyebrows. No matter what the trend might be, a good eyebrow (maybe not Bif Naked’s motif) is always in style. It always serves as a confidence boost knowing that you look like the best version of yourself, and the complete package always involves a fierce brow.

Cosmetologist applying permanent make up on eyebrows

Microblading creates a softer, more natural look

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