After graduating, Sal is busting misconceptions in skin care by educating her clients.

Graduate of:

Advanced Medi Spa Therapist Diploma

What do you love most about what you do?

The thing I love most about what I do is making people feel beautiful and confident throughout their skincare journey as they achieve their skin goals. Skincare is self care – being able to provide a relaxing, peaceful environment for my clients during all the chaos in the world is a very rewarding experience.

I also love educating clients on the importance of skincare and skin health. In today’s society there is so much information and misconceptions in regards to skin care which causes a lot of confusion to those who are not as knowledgeable in the field. I am here to help, since we all know, Knowledge is Power. 

What were your favourite things about the course(s) you took with us?

I took the Advanced- Medi Spa therapist course at IBI. My favourite thing about taking courses at IBI were definitely the instructors. I cannot begin to explain how educated every single one of my instructors were. They wanted to make sure we had as much knowledge as possible before graduating. Spent countless hours before, during and after class to answer questions to make sure we really understood the material. Even though I did my courses during COVID, we were still able to be as hands on as possible to ensure students were comfortable working with the skin!

How did the course(s) contribute to your career and are you now doing the job that you wanted?

Taking my courses at IBI greatly contributed to the success of my business as the instructors want everyone to succeed! Once again, even after graduating I have stayed in contact with instructors who are still there to guide me and answer skincare questions! I wanted to start my own business to educate and help others but as we all know there is a lot of fear and risk in doing so. But because of the confidence the school has instilled in me I am now a proud owner of my own business in aesthetics and couldn’t be happier!

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