Body Contouring 101 for Students in Medical Aesthetics Training

medical aesthetics courses in Mississauga Medical spas offer a wide range of advanced aesthetic treatments to fulfill their clients’ beauty and body care needs. From microdermabrasion to laser therapy, new technologies are constantly being developed that can take the medical aesthetic spa experience to the next level. One procedure that is gaining popularity amongst spa goers and estheticians alike is body contouring. This pain-free non-invasive treatment can help clients lose inches of excess skin and fat, get rid of cellulite, and tighten their skin—all at the same time. Interested in learning more about body contouring? Keep reading to discover our overview of this popular treatment.

Students in Medical Aesthetics Training Learn How to Use Body Contouring Technology

During your medical aesthetics training you will be learn how to perform various aesthetic procedures under the care and guidance of expert instructors. During your studies, you’ll also learn to use cutting-edge industry technology like the Venus Freeze Radiofrequency Machine, which you’ll use for body contouring procedures. This machine provides a virtually pain-free experience for the client, along with zero recovery time to boot. This means clients can get back to their regular routine and even exercise right after receiving a treatment. The best part is, most clients enjoy the sensation and find it as relaxing as any other spa experience. Unlike what the name suggests, body contouring isn’t just for the body alone. The neck and face can also benefit from this treatment too.
medical aesthetics training

Body contouring procedures also work on the neck and face

The Science Behind Radio Frequency Body Contouring for Students in Esthetician Training

Body contouring uses radio frequencies to target deeper layers of fat. Multi-polar radio frequencies and pulsed magnetic fields are controlled by algorithms to work together. The machine’s algorithms unite the radio frequencies and magnetic field to create thermal energy that targets fat cells. When the machine is pressed against the skin the heat it generates begins to work its magic. The machine is designed to target different depths of tissue in order to access undesired fat cells. The heat helps break down and melt solid fat cells. Once the fat cells liquefy, they are naturally processed and eliminated from the body through the liver. The procedure also helps stimulate collagen production and break up the small pockets of fat responsible for cellulite.

Aftercare and Outcomes of Body Contouring

In order for your clients to see results once you complete your esthetician training, they’ll require multiple sessions over several weeks. For best results, treatments should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. You can also advise your clients to drink plenty of water to help their body flush out liquefied fat. Because toxins are contained within the body’s fat cells, the treatment also serves as a cleanse. If your clients adhere to your recommendations, they will see great results. Most clients lose inches off of whatever area they are targeting with the treatment. This is especially great for clients who have one troublesome spot that they can’t get rid of no matter how hard they work out.
esthetician training

Body contouring can take inches off of problem areas

Do you want to learn how to perform body contouring and other advanced aesthetic treatments? Contact International Beauty Institute today to get started in our medical aesthetics courses in Mississauga!

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