Finding Your Perfect Brow For Your Face Shape

By: Annelise Vintila 

Eyebrows have the power to transform your face, take years off your age and enhance your facial features if shaped correctly. Unkept eyebrows can draw negative attention to your face, while properly shaped eyebrows will attract positive attention. 


International Beauty Institute loves the uniqueness of every facial feature and face shape, and we are constantly developing our courses to accommodate all unique individuals. Our Brow Shaping Course in Mississauga and Etobicoke will cover all crucial steps in achieving the perfect brow shape such as facial symmetry for brows, outlining and shaping, waxing, and tweezing and trimming. Our goal is to provide the students with well-rounded material taught by experts in the beauty industry.

Determining Your Face Shape

The secret formula to perfect eyebrows is finding your correct face shape. Thick brows might work for one face, but completely hide the beauty in another. Let’s take a look at the different face shapes and find which one most suits you!

Round: If you find that your face frame has the same height and width, you have a round face. To contrast your round face, aim for defined eyebrows with a bit of an arch to accentuate your cheekbones, slim down your face and enhance angles. Long and structured brows will pair perfectly with your beautiful round face.

Square: If you find yourself having a prominent jawline, with the same width of your jaw and temples then you have a square face! To soften your appearance, aim for brows with an arched shape to create less of a boxy look. Adding an angle at the peak of your eyebrows will pull your look perfectly together.

Heart: Characterized by a prominent forehead, pointy chin and a defined jaw. Rounded and curvy brows with no sharp arches will complement your heart-shaped face to balance out all your features.

Long: If you have an elongated face with prominent features, you have a long face shape. Choose brows that plump up your face in a positive manner, like a shorter fuller brow, and keep the end tail of your brow thinner than the beginning.

Oval: If you have large eyes, a wide forehead and defined cheekbones then you have an oval face shape. Opt for a medium width brow with a defined arch, based on the size of your facial features. Stick with natural brow tones for full effect.


There you go! Hopefully, you have figured out what face shape you have, and if you are still unsure you can always contact us or a licensed brow specialist for more information. Finding the right balance between your facial features, your face shape and brows can create a harmonious effect that results in your best-looking self. 


Strike a pose with your correct brows and let International Beauty Institute guide you through the wonderful world of eyebrow shaping.


For more information on our products and services or to book a tour at one of our locations, contact us at 905-624-2700.


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