How to Seem More Intelligent: Expert-Approved Tricks

Ever wondered if it’s possible to project greater intelligence? Fortunately, there are scientifically proven methods to boost your perceived intellect, regardless of your actual IQ.

1. Maintain Wide-Open Eyes:

According to psychological research, people with wide-open eyes are generally perceived as more alert and knowledgeable. The appearance of alertness is often associated with higher cognitive capabilities. Conversely, half-closed or drooping eyelids might suggest tiredness or disinterest, potentially lowering others’ perceptions of your intelligence.

2. Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle:

Research indicates that physical fitness can enhance your perceived intelligence. A study highlighted in a prominent journal demonstrated that slimmer facial features are often associated with higher intelligence ratings. This suggests that maintaining a healthy weight might also influence how intelligent you appear to others.

3. Project Sobriety:

A study by notable universities discovered the “imbibing fool effect,” where individuals seen holding alcoholic beverages were judged as less intellectually capable.

4. Opt for Bold Eyeglasses:

A published study suggests that wearing bold, thick-framed glasses can make you appear more intellectual. This accessory seems to signal studiousness and attention to detail, enhancing your scholarly appearance.

5. Cultivate a Gentle Smile:

A subtle smile can make you look both approachable and intelligent. Research from a psychology journal reveals that a slight upward curve of the mouth positively affects perceived intelligence. This suggests openness and confidence, crucial traits of smart thinkers.

People generally associate a gentle smile with positive attitudes, which can indirectly suggest a capable and agile mind.

6. Avoid Profanity:

A comprehensive survey found that refraining from swearing can enhance your perceived intelligence and professionalism. Many believe that using foul language detracts from an individual’s maturity and self-control, traits often linked to intellectual capability.

7. Engage with Eye Contact:

Direct eye contact is not only engaging but also associated with higher intelligence. Studies indicate that people who look others in the eye while speaking are often perceived as more intellectually robust and trustworthy.

8. Include Your Middle Initial:

Research in the realm of social psychology suggests that displaying one’s middle initial can lead to higher evaluations of a person’s intellectual capacities. This simple addition to your name might enhance your professional image.

9. Communicate Clearly and Effectively:

Instead of hiding behind complex vocabulary, clear and concise communication is key. Research underscores that straightforward speech is often perceived as a sign of intelligence. It shows confidence and understanding of your subject matter, making you appear more competent. This skill will help you write technical tasks effectively, for example, to your writer on After all, every student wants their essay to be written for them, but they lack the skills to explain exactly what result they need. For professionals, this is not a problem.

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