How Laser Hair Removal Can Kick-Start Your Self-Confidence

By: Annelise Vintila

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I remember transitioning from childhood into puberty very abruptly; one moment I was hairless and carefree and the next I had to shave my knees so that I could wear my school uniform without being called ‘Chewbacca’. Puberty was an unforgiving time that lead me to have increasing body hair and anxiety. My sister on the other hand, came out of puberty smelling like a flower and body hair seemed to ignore her. I was envious that she could just put on a bikini on the whim and swim, where it would take me two hours to tackle my prickly body. To this day I am still attempting the best ways to get rid of my body hair and have increasingly researched the best ways to maintain smooth skin and the answer is always laser hair removal.

It’s All About Liking Who You Are

I think Western society is trying to become more aware and accepting of women’s body hair but there are many steps we still must take to relearn the way we look at a natural woman’s body. I myself encourage all women to feel comfortable in their own skin, whether you feel satisfied with baby smooth skin or growing your natural body hair; my preference is being silky smooth. Deep down, anyone who would like to become a laser technician has gone through similar experiences that I have endured. For me, I look at laser hair removal as an investment in my well-being: an investment in my time, an investment in my money, an investment into a future where I can feel good about my body.

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Laser hair removal can help boost confidence

Go With The Experts: Laser Hair Removal Training

I have researched laser hair removal training for the last year, just so I can educate myself in all the aspect of the technique and it’s definitely the best option for me. First, you must go to a reputable laser hair clinic, one with experts that have achieved their training through laser technician school. Second, you must be absolutely sure you want to proceed with laser hair removal; it is costlier than waxing and shaving and sugaring, but the results are much more lasting. Third, the laser removal session will take approximately seven to ten sessions, depending on individual hair growth and thickness so you must be patient.

Young woman receiving laser therapy
Laser hair removal takes several sessions in order to be effective

A Fine Balance

Being a teenager and being hairy was a death-sentence when all you wanted to do was flirt with your crush but he didn’t speak to you because you had a bigger mustache than him (still a sore spot). As an adult, I have options and can freely educate myself on the best techniques for hair removal and the best investment I can make is in laser hair removal therapy from Body hair might grows on the inside but it can affect your mental well-being when you’re not surrounded by loving people. The only bushy thing that belongs on my body should be my glorious eyebrows.

Are you interested in completing laser hair removal training?

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