Pick Your Colour (And Your Nail Technician)

By Annelise Vintila 

Choosing the right colour at the nail salon can depend on a number of factors like what season it is, what current mood you find yourself in or going for that bold colour to spike up your confidence. I always find myself picking something on the ‘red’ spectrum and never stray away from a colour lighter than ‘Salmon’ and darker than ‘Sangria’: I’m not a rule-breaker by nature. My best friend always accompanies me on my nail adventures and she is a complete rebel with her colours; one week she’d get ‘Plum’ and the next she opts for the ‘Neon Green’. She, by nature, is a rebellious and adventurous woman and I have always admired her laisse-faire attitude toward her nail choices. Whether you like more traditional nail colours or the more daring hues, there is always a perfect fit for you at a professional nail salon.

Nail colours are an exciting way to show off our personalities and going to a salon re-enforces the relaxing atmosphere that allows you to choose whatever colour you want to be for the week. As you sit down, the nail technician begins their practice and you trust their work because they are licensed in the profession. A nail technician has gone through the proper training and procedures to gain certification and is well aware of the range of customers that walk in through their doors. At International Beauty Institute, all students are equipped with the knowledge of professional image and safety, sanitation and disinfection (one of the most important lessons in modern times), nail product chemistry and, of course, how to properly execute manicures, pedicures and gel nails. At home nails are a staple of self-care, but going to a trusted professional for a manicure is unbeatable. Every human being has finger nails, and once in a while, it’s nice to see them trimmed and looking their best; it’s a simple luxury when you’re not feeling the greatest.

Going to the nail salon is an exciting adventure because for an hour or so, your focus is simply on your nails and leisure. Your nails speak for you when have nothing to say and they bring out your personality in a fun an expressive way. Your nails can create connections with people before you say a single word, and well groomed hands evoke confidence and power. Trusting your nail technician with a simple colour or an elaborate nail design creates a bond between the two of you, and walking out of the salon feeling your best only enables a nail technician to perform their best work on other clients. Even though my best friend and I have different nail styles, we continue to go to the same nail salon that we have gone for seven years. Why? Once you create a bond with the nail technicians and they begin to understand your nail personalities in the salon, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

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