Students in Laser Tattoo Removal Courses: 5 Aftercare Tips for Your Clients to Follow

For best tattoo removal results students in laser tattoo removal training should advise their clients to follow these five aftercare tips Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when it comes to regrettable tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is an excellent way to fade and minimize unwanted tattoos. Technology has come a long way over the past several years. Nowadays, tattoos can generally be faded and possibly eliminated in just 4 to 12 sessions. Because the process requires many treatments, aftercare is extremely important in between sessions. If you enroll in the Laser Technician Diploma at International Beauty Institute, you will be more than qualified to perform laser tattoo removal on your future clients! Under the guidance of our experienced instructors you will achieve hands-on knowledge that will help you excel in your field. You will also be ready to provide great aftercare tips to ensure any treated areas remain healthy. Interested in learning more about laser tattoo removal aftercare? Here are five tips you can give your future clients.

1. Students in Laser Tattoo Removal Training Know Keeping the Area Clean Is Important

Laser tattoo removal can be quite harsh on the skin. The laser uses high speeds and intense heat to break apart ink particles, which can cause unwanted effects like light bleeding, blistering, and a superficial burn. It is important to instruct your clients to keep the area clean, because after the procedure it becomes a bit like a minor wound. Let your clients know to use a mild antibacterial soap when they wash the area, and to keep it out of the direct stream of the shower. When they are done, they should pat (not rub!) it dry with a clean towel. By doing this they are preventing the chance of an infection occurring. Infections can seriously delay the healing process and lengthen the time required between sessions.

2. Professionals with Laser Tattoo Removal Training Should Recommend Hand Washing

Students in laser tattoo removal training may know it is best to not touch the treated area as it heals. However, as a precaution it is best to advise your clients to wash their hands thoroughly if they do touch the treated area. This will help prevent any germs on their hands from transferring to the wound and causing an infection.

3. Grads of Laser Tattoo Removal Courses Recommend Avoiding Sunshine

As every beauty buff knows, wearing SPF is important. When it comes to tattoo removal healing, it is extra important to apply a good SPF to the area even if it is not exposed to direct sunlight. The skin is hypersensitive after each session and a sunburn to the area would be quite painful for your client. In addition to wearing protective sunscreen, your client should also avoid letting their treated area come in contact with direct sunlight.
Applying sunscreen is essential to protecting healing skin

Applying sunscreen is essential to protecting healing skin

4. Students in Laser Tattoo Removal Training Know that Scabs Should Be Left Alone

During the healing cycle, your clients may experience redness, blistering, and scabbing around the tattoo removal area. This is normal and is nothing of concern. Only if your clients have bleeding after the first 24 hours or oozing from their wound should you urge them to contact a doctor immediately. After your laser tattoo removal courses, be sure to encourage your clients to leave the area alone. It may be tempting for them to pop a blister or pick at their scabs, but you should explain it could lead to scarring. This scarring could ruin the end result of their sessions, which would be problematic after they’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into removing their tattoo.

5. Students in Laser Tattoo Removal Courses Know a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Aftercare

The overall healing process can be accelerated by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your clients should drink plenty of water to help their body flush out any ink from their system. Although your clients should avoid exercise for about a week after the procedure, light exercise after that point can help improve blood flow, which can help the body naturally heal the treated area.
Light exercise can help the laser tattoo removal healing process

Light exercise can help the laser tattoo removal healing process

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