Three Reasons Why Lasers Are Better Than Razers

Lasers Better Than Razors

Body Care. Underarm Laser Hair Removal. Beautician Removing Hair Of Young Woman’s Armpit. Laser Epilation Treatment In Cosmetic Beauty Clinic. Hairless Smooth And Soft Skin. Health And Beauty Concept.Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular way for men and women to stop the stubble struggle. You can take advantage of this new popularity of laser treatment by investing in your own laser hair removal training! We can provide you the training in laser hair removal that you need to earn a secure job in this fast-paced and rapidly growing field. So why have lasers become so popular? Why have so many of today’s men and women chosen to ditch their razors in favour of high-tech laser treatments? Here are three reasons clients should choose lasers over razors!


According to a recent study by the beauty brand ‘Escentual,’ shaving is the number 1 most hated beauty ritual amongst women. It’s easy to understand why: on average, women are reported to spend approximately $10,000 on razors and shaving creams in their lifetimes. This ends up costing between $84 and $250 per year. Because women are replacing razors at an average rate of 1 per week, even cheap disposable razors end up costing you thousands in the long run! In laser hair removal courses, you’ll learn how just a few treatments spread out over one year can completely break a client’s shaving cycle! This eliminates their need to purchase any more of those expensive hair removal creams and razors!


If you get training for laser hair removal at a top school like International Beauty Institute, you’ll be able to offer clients quick and effective treatments using state-of-the-art machines like the MeDioStar NEXT Diode laser. The average time clients spend receiving laser treatments is just 15 to 30 minutes every 5 weeks (or 6 to 18 hours each year). Just a few sessions under your skilled hand will save your clients from hours of future time spent shaving. According to a study by Allure Laser MediSpa, women shave their legs for an average of 40 minutes per week or 18-34 hours per year, depending on their hair type and growth rate. Each year we shave our underarms for an average of 5 hours and our bikini areas another 18.5 hours. Women with problem hair on their chins and upper lips are also reported to spend another 6.8 hours each year tackling that with the razor. These hours add up to a lot of time we could be spending in the world outside our bathrooms. And who couldn’t use some extra time?

Lasers Are Better Than Razors


We all know that freshly shaven feeling! It’s all about self-confidence—feeling smooth and flawless enough to wear whatever we want without worrying about embarrassing hair or stubble. But for many, even just-shaven skin can present a handful of unwanted skin reactions and conditions. From razor burn and ingrown hairs to cuts and infections—a range of uncomfortable and unflattering issues can arise for those who have to regularly shave. As you’ll discover, the work of a laser hair removal technician is truly rewarding! With laser hair removal, clients don’t have to worry about shaving their underarms in the morning and having a five o’clock armpit shadow. When you are a laser hair removal technician, you’ll be able to help women feel more comfortable in their own bodies, 24/7.   Interested in pursuing laser hair removal training? Visit International Beauty Institute to learn more about getting started!
3 Reasons Lasers Are Better Than Razor

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